Hey friends, and happy Friday!! So, I’ve been having this desire lately to share with you all tiny tidbits of life, things that are currently inspiring me, or just new fun shops and sources, but to do it in a way that feels like you’re just catching up with your BFF over coffee. And this week, I finally decided to do it.

Sometimes the burden of putting together a really structured, well-thought-out blog post (especially by end of the week!) can feel overwhelming, but hey, I’ve got stuff to share and things to say! And I want to say it in a timely manner. So, this is my antidote to the problem of me getting stuck on perfection in posts. A way to just offer up a little of what’s going on around here. We’re calling it ‘Three Things‘.


orange lipstick colors coco kelley

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new lip color? For me it’s been ages. I’ve never been good at switching up my beauty routine, but I recently lost one of my favorite lipsticks and therefore ended up spending an hour in Sephora putting on and taking off so many colors that my lips were begging me to stop. The result? Three new shades that all have one thing in common: orange tones. For whatever reason, this color always plays well with my skintone. Here’s what I picked up:

three summer lipsticks with orange undertones | coco kelleyA friend of mine recently mentioned how much she’s been loving YSL lipsticks for their staying power, so I thought I’d give them a try! The ‘Rose Bergamasque’ lipstick is more of a glossy finish even though it says satin. It’s a lovely nude tone that I have a feeling could be one of those ‘looks good on everyone’ because it’s not pink, but it’s not orange. I’ve already been wearing it practically daily. The Nars ‘Juliette’ was the one I bought to replace the color I lost. It’s FUN – a nice medium coral-tone that is meant for summer!! The YSL ‘Corail Antinomique’ is a power color, to be sure. And with a matte finish, it’s not messing around (ps, it was also really hard to take off, which is a good sign for how long-lasting it is!). This color reads more red with an orange undertone. If you want a true orange that’s similar in intensity, try this same lipstick in ‘Strange Orange’. It was real good.


Now that summer is here, it’s rosé all day around here again. If you’re on that train, too, then let me introduce you to one of my favorite wine sources who happens to be a Seattle gal – Wine Folly. Madeline creates the most useful infographics and breaks down wine in a way that makes it so approachableSo if you’re still getting to know your rosé, then this is a great little place to start, although I’m sure she has way more on the topic (like this quick article!)!

Also, helpful? Jessica over at How Sweet Eats put together her 2019 rosé guide by price point, and a lot of my favorites are on there too.


I think it was two summers ago that several girlfriends recommended The Neapolitan Novels as some choice reading material. A set of four books that take place mostly in Naples, but also around many other parts of Italy, including a pivotal summer on the island of Ischia. Besides the books being fantastic (I’m finally on the 4th novel now!), I feel like suddenly I’m seeing more people flocking to the island just off Naples as an alternative to Capri. Of course, Italians have been going there for decades, but Americans? I’m not so sure.

Then recently, Domino featured the latest property from the Pellicano hotel group, Mezzatorre which is also located on Ischia and I started to feel like maybe the universe was telling me it’s time for a very long, sunny vacation… Either way, keep this property on your radar. It’s bound to be as popular as its sisters, and everyone loves the new girl.


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