Hey friends! It’s been about a week since I posted here, thanks to the total chaos of life lately. School started last week, so we’ve been finding new routines and providing tech support to our 12-year-old. The fires up and down the West Coast put a major damper on our moods, but we are grateful to live in an area where we are safe from the flames, and that our biggest challenge is managing the air quality in the house as we’ve shuttered ourselves in for now.

All that to say that while fall may feel distant to some of you, for us, it’s definitely arrived. Looking outside, the smoke has given a hazy feel to everything. We can’t go out. And so we – once again – turn inward to our homes for comfort and inspiration.

So what does that look like? Well, for me it’s everything from fancying up furniture pieces, to injecting some whimsy, to appeasing my need to redecorate with easy swap outs like pillows, colorful taper candles, and little objets.

If you’ve used summer to finally escape those four walls or the indoors… well, now is the time to start thinking about how we return to the inside and make it a happy space to thrive in for the coming months. The pandemic is hardly over, and the anxiety of our country may be at an all-time high. So let’s do what we can to make our spaces a haven, yes? Here are a few fall picks for adding a little bit of joy.

1. rope taper candles | 2. lounge chair | 3. batik pillow | 4. black and white artwork | 5. natural  rug | 6. green lumbar block print pillow | 7. marble table | 8. vintage art | 9. concrete shapes | 10. linen napkins | 11. storage cabinet

I’ve been obsessed with colored tapers lately – so much so that I think I may finally be inspired to do a tabletop for fall again. (They’ve seemed silly and indulgent to think of putting together, but I’m craving the creative outlet, so stay tuned for that happening!) They’re one of the easiest ways to swap out little bits of color in your home. I have tapers littered everywhere in our living and dining room, and I love lighting them in the evenings for a little hygge.

On the other end… there are some very fun and fresh furnishings coming out right now, and these are just a few! I especially love that chubby wood cabinet. It adds just the right dose of personality. We’ve been playing musical chairs – literally – with our furniture these days in an effort to change up the energy in our house without spending too much, but I’m definitely tempted to add a few small accent pieces for fall… you too?

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