Many of you who follow me know that a few weeks ago, my back went out and I was confined to mostly my bed or the sofa for a solid two weeks. During that time I truly stepped back from posting, and – in doing so – regained some creativity and clarity that reaffirmed the need for all of us to probably do the same more often. Preferably not forced by the worst back spasm ever.

While laying flat on my back for hours, I thought a lot about this blog (along with many other things that I will share with you soon!) and how it’s evolved over the years, and where I feel excited about it and where I don’t. What type of posts do I actually love diving into writing, and which feel like I’m just fulfilling a duty to blog. There is so much more to say on this topic, but that will have to wait for another day. For now, I’m reviving a little series that I had thought about doing a while ago, as it’s a nice simple way of sharing things with you that I’ve been doting on or dreaming about. It gives me the freedom to share anything from artwork and objects to articles and podcasts under the umbrella of a theme. Sort of a short format ‘weekend links’ which we have long since retired (God, those took forever for me to do!).

And with that drawn out introduction… I bring you three current favorite things:

The theme here isn’t hard to guess! But I’ve been loving this tie dye-esque technique of incorporating little speckles and splatters into drippy dyed objects and art. So this week, our three things goes to:

  1. Michelle Armas: You’ve probably seen me posting about this talented woman over on my Instagram, and if I could buy a whole room full of her totem art, I totally would. For now, I own one, and that will have to do! Her playful organic forms remind me of little creatures, in the best way, and I love the color palettes she uses. Here is featured Totem 54 and Totem 59. 
  2. Orenda Tribe: The story and mission of Orenda Tribe and its founder, Amy (who is full blooded Navajo) is the type of sustainable and community oriented business that we need more of in our world. I discovered them last summer while falling in love with one of their tie dye upcycled jumpsuits. Their pieces are one-of-a-kind and many are vintage, so snatch up this tie dye dress while you can.
  3. Arhoj: I fell in love with the quirky ceramics created by Arhoj when seeing them in one of our local shops, London Plane.  The colors immediately reminded me of some of Michelle’s work (pretty sure you can see why!) and I’m currently considering a  mug, cup or vase to accompany my Armas original.
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