I have always believed that life is in the details. Our approach to design and styling reflects this sentiment in every way.

Meet Cassandra

For nearly 20 years Cassandra LaValle has spent her career crafting personal environments and experiences through events, interiors, and merchandising. In 2020, Cassandra decided to shift the focus of her offerings to her single favorite passion: Styling.

With a strong eye for details, Cassandra has always found her strength as a designer to be telling a story through curated vignettes, finishing touches, and styled moments.

In homes and public spaces alike, she enhances and completes the environments she works in by bringing in vintage finds, original artwork, and meaningful accents and layers that not only reflect the owners’ personality, but create a warm and welcoming space for all.

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I’ve always been fascinated with environments. When walking through new destinations, I’m the type of person who is constantly stopping along the way to notice small details – the light, the architecture, the colors, the smells… I take in everything all the time. And when I come home, I find ways to recreate those moments that I connected with. To remind myself of the places I’ve been and fallen in love with. A cafe in Rome. The markets in Marrakesh. The coastline of California. Some moments are closer to home, like the misty ferry boat crossings we take to Orcas Island every fall, or the warm familiarity of my parents kitchen. The spaces we’ve entered into in our lives – both natural and built – they impact us. They stay with us. They inform us.

And then we build a home with them. 

All these little pieces, they become a recipe for the feelings we want our own homes to evoke. The warm wood cabinetry that reminds you of that cafe. The calming wall color that looks like the misty sea air. What does each room in your home want to feel like? What story does it want to tell? 

This is the job of the Interior Stylist. Not just to make a space beautiful – but to make it a beautiful story. To create a home that incorporates your past while holding space for your future. After all … we’ll always have more stories to tell.

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  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cass for nearly ten years (as well as being her client!) and I am in constant awe of her ability to curate the most authentic and beautiful spaces full of texture, warmth and the most unique, charming details. Not only is she a joy to be around, but her eye is unparalleled.”

    Sara, Interior Designer

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Meet The Team

Meghan Klein Schuyler

Meghan is our core photographer and has been capturing tabletops, interiors and events for us since 2014. She brings a natural joy to our work environment, with her ability to tell a story through her lens. Her passion and talent also extends to weddings, portraits, family sessions and more. You can find more about her offerings on her website.

Megan Swartz Gellert

Megan Swartz Gellert is our PR gal extraordinaire. She runs her boutique agency, Slice PR & Events, a boutique public relations firm specializing in the culinary, lifestyle and publishing space, out of our shared studio, and has become a friend, design client and confidant while also managing our PR inquiries.

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For Home Owners & Interior Designers

Styling isn’t just about beauty, but about creating spaces that serve us energetically and practically, in our everyday lives.

My purpose as a stylist is to help build upon your personal aesthetic to create a home filled with intentional selections that reflect your values, your foundations, and your stories, pulling it all together in a way that feels cohesive and authentic.

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For Home & Hospitality Brands

In the hospitality industry, the environment you welcome your guests into is one of the most important elements of your brand experience.

Our job is to make your interiors convey the character and personality of your brand, bringing elements into your space that create connection and a leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

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