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For nearly 20 years Cassandra LaValle has spent her career crafting personal environments and experiences through events, interiors, and merchandising. In 2020, she shifted her focus to her two greatest passions: curating her shop, and styling interiors. 


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Home Owners

When your space needs a refresh, design direction, or simply some finishing touches to make it feel like you again.

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  • Many times our clients come to us because their home feels ‘unfinished’. This often means both in the literal sense – they need a rug for the hallway, or artwork for the dining room – and in the emotional sense – the home may have a lot of ‘stuff’ it in it, but they don’t feel connected to these pieces.

    While designers help lay a foundation, it’s the stylists who are the storytellers. We are collectors of objects and accents that provide character, patina, and personality, and we pull them all together in a way that feels inherently you, and cohesive to your home. 

    By eliminating the impersonal and working with you to fill your spaces with intentional selections, we create a home that provides function and beauty to support and inspire you daily.  

  • Typically, we create an ongoing relationship with our clients that allows us to focus on finishing areas in their home one by one. This can take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the size of the home and the scope of the project. Oftentimes we’ll continue to work with clients for special events, refreshes of spaces, and transitional moments in their lives. 

    These relationships start with an initial meeting to walk through your home, discuss your needs, and ensure we are good fit for your project. When we begin the styling process, we prefer to start by working with items you already own, but will also guide you through removing some elements that no longer serve you. Finally, we’ll fill in with new, thoughtfully sourced pieces to complete the space.

    When our schedule allows, we do offer short consultations on smaller or virtual projects that don’t require our full styling services. This may include sourcing for a few items you might be struggling to find, helping to make material selections, or coming up with an overall design direction for you to execute on your own.

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Interior Designers

When you need a stylist’s eye for your photo shoot, a go-to resource for home accessories, or are ready to hand off a client for some finishing touches.

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  • There are so many roles an Interior Designer has to play during the design process, and not everyone has a team that can fulfill them all. 

    As someone who enjoyed doing full scale interior design for a portion of my career, I learned very early on that it was the finishing details of the project I was always the most interested in – styling vignettes, filling up bookcases with unique objects, and layering bed linens.

    Often times, smaller teams or solo designers don’t have the bandwidth for this process at the end of a project, or it’s simply not in their wheelhouse. That’s where we come in. We work with designers to complete their creative vision for a home or space so they are able to move on to their next big project, while leaving the client feeling at home in their new – and finished – surroundings. 

    With over a decade of experience in the editorial world, we also offer on-set styling services to designers who are looking to create imagery that will enhance their portfolio and can be pitched out to media. This partnership also gains you access to the items in our shop, our prop closet and our photographer list, should you need one. 

  • When partnering with Interior Designers on their projects, we let them determine how we can best work together to support the clients needs.

    Some designers prefer a more collaborative partnership, and will bring us on to a project while they are still actively involved, working side by side on design decisions while we take the lead on finishing details. Other times, there is a clean hand off between the design process and the styling process, and we take over the client project on your behalf, while keeping you in the loop as needed. 

    For on-set styling, we like to do a walk through of the space being photographed so that we can take note of measurements, lighting, and angles, helping you build a shot list if needed. We determine what items need sourcing, and where we may want to inject life with plants, flowers or personal accessories. Then, we arrive the day-of with plenty of options for styling the space

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Hospitality Brands

When you’re looking to create an environment that tells a story, align your interiors with your brand, or bring some new life to an old space.

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  • Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, or even a vacation rental, if you’re in the hospitality industry, then the environment you offer your guests is one of the most important elements of your brand.

    Your interiors should clearly convey your values and aesthetic, setting a tone for your guest experience. We help you do that by sourcing and layering thoughtful elements into your space that tell your brand story. For those who need it, we can start at the foundational level, lending creative direction and building character. If you’re an established brand, we’re here to help refresh and revive. 

  • As the daughter of a restaurateur and an avid traveler, I’ve experienced and appreciate good hospitality in its most simple and most extravagant forms. More importantly, I understand firsthand the balance that hospitality spaces require between beauty and function, and we approach our sourcing and styling with that in mind.

    Our process begins with a walkthrough that will help us determine if we are a good fit for your project. During this initial meeting we will discuss everything from budget to timeline, to get a better idea for the scope of work and type of relationship you’d like to build with us. 

    Some of our clients prefer an ongoing partnership where we help refresh their spaces seasonally, resetting styled moments or merchandising. We also help to manage relationships with artists or florists for an ever rotating sensory experience.

    Others clients are looking for a set it and forget it approach, which we’re happy to provide! We hone your space to perfection, and leave it to you to maintain.

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