project overview


As restaurants around Seattle began to reopen after long pandemic closures, Logan Cox and wife Sara Knowles of Restaurant Homer reached out to ask for a little refresh of the the shelves behind their bar. The only request was to make it feel like an extension of their home, as the whole restaurant is designed to feel. They provided a few favorite pieces – the large elk horn, essential cookbooks, and items from their own kitchen – and we sourced and styled the rest.

We decided that eclectic and vintage was the way to go, sourcing spongeware, splatterware and transferware pitchers and bowls that emulated their kitchen aesthetic. Reflective surfaces on a bar are always helpful in styling, so I found a simple wood mirror, a beautiful brass tray, copper bowls and a pewter trophy vase to bring a little timeworn shine to the mix. With the wallpaper being such a fun backdrop, leaving room for it peek through between objects was an intentional choice, and of course the bottom shelves were filled with the practical items for the bar – glassware and booze.

Site Design Oh Sierra
Site Development Alchemy + Aim