When it comes to fall decorating around here, we lack the traditional fireplace mantel as an option, but that’s never stopped me from finding alternative ways to mark the changing of seasons. (And, let’s be honest – I’m not really into traditional decorating anyway!). So this year I put into practice a little ritual that I started over the summer. Using a couple of trays, beads, natural items and a candle to create a fall altar.

five fall rituals for grounding

Throughout this past summer, I found myself adding to this tray that I had sitting around with seashells collected on beach walks, or random dried flowers from our garden. By the end of the season it was abundant with memories, and an homage to our summer days. I loved how it marked the passage of time, and decided that I would create a more intentional space with similar elements for the Autumn Equinox.

Part of what makes this ritual so grounding is the act of going out into nature to collect the items themselves. The leaves have barely started changing here, so I chose Marigolds as a perfect, colorful offering. Acorns and apples have significance to this time of year, representing harvest and abundance. I added one of each.

Citrine, aventurine, pyrite and lemurian quartz were also added for abundance as well as connection. I pulled some strands out of my bead collection that felt representative of the season, and wrapped them around the inner tray.

five fall rituals for grounding

Thanks to an extensive Glassybaby collection, I happen to have the perfect vessel for the candle, but you could use any votive holder, or candle you want! This ochre color is called ‘roots’ – appropriate, no?

The second part of the ritual that helps me ground is simply creating the tray itself. Any time I style my home, I feel complete focus. I operate in a state of gratitude for the beauty and abundance around me. Channeling the energy you want to give and receive during this process is a beautiful way to infuse your altar with intention. I like to put on some music while I do this to help me focus!

five fall rituals for grounding

Finally, when your altar is set, you can light your candle to set your intention for the season. I did a card reading for myself that helped me to clarify my energy for this season (my biggest message was to stop playing small, to let go of blocks to my energy, and to practice empathy for myself and others).

The best part of creating this type of mini altar or space is how you can continue to add to it throughout the season as a way to check in with yourself! With the chaotic energy of election season upon us, I’ve been looking for more and more ways in which to add little rituals like this to my life. Moments like this that are simple and easy, and a good reminder to take time in nature, to pause, sit, and breathe.

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