This summer felt like it took so long to arrive, that we’ve barely enjoyed it before turning our thoughts to fall! Such is life in Seattle, some years. So, I’ve created my Editor’s Picks to reflect my attempt to hold on to these sunny days as long as possible…

This morning when I woke up to light streaming into our kitchen, I felt a surge of gratitude, very much aware that a few months from now I’ll be waking up in darkness again. This collection of light and airy visual textures is my ode to our warm days, living in the light.

1. cane & leather dining chair | 2. lilac linen robe | 3. blue abstract print | 4. geranium rose candle | 5. artisan woven basket | 6. marbled melamine dinner dishes | 7. linen ruffle tea towel | 8. ceramic planter and tray | 9. blue rattan bar cart | 10. luna beach blanket

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