It’s branch season!! The saving grace of our changing weather right now is the gorgeous fall foliage that comes with it! Spend a little time this weekend with a walk in the woods (or your neighborhood) for some gorgeous foraged branches to bring home with you, and then hop to it with finding the perfect vessel to display them in. Me? I prefer a gorgeous, large rustic vase…

foraged fall branches in a large rustic vase

After a wind storm we had a few days ago, there were plenty of fallen branches to pick from in our neighborhood! So I gathered up this beauty from a branch that had snapped, and put it in my new favorite vase. I love how the browns pick up the wood and leather tones in our dining room, and the leaves have continued to change on the branches making it a fun display of color in our home!

These investment pieces offer drama all year round, which is why they’re worth having on hand! Fruit trees in the spring, giant sunflowers in the summer, and now fall branches. And you know I’ll definitely be putting some evergreens in for winter!! Here are a few of my favorite picks for this home accessory

large rustic vase urn roundup

1. black handcrafted vase  | 2. white textured vase | 3. damon modern stone vase  | 4. emilia rustic vase | 5. low terra cotta vase | 6. large white loma table vase | 7. brown umbria urn | 8. terra cotta planter | 9. aged ceramic vase | 10. whitewashed turkish jar | 11. artisan vase with handle

The best part is how even a large branch or two can add a sculptural moment to any room. You don’t need much to make this look work for you and your home!

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