I’ve hesitated to really push purchases at a time when many or us are watching our budget… but the retail therapy has been real over here. I’m assuming some of you are having the same moment of wanting to treat yourself to a little something to make the days at home a little cozier or happier. So… I give you my Stay at Home Essentials Edit!

And of course I imagine myself enjoying all of these things while lounging in a cozy corner, eating chocolate and sipping tea, without a care in the world, and nobody to need me for anything except the house plants…

That – of course – is not the reality. If the bore of routine was testing me in real life, now it’s downright obnoxious. One can be bored and annoyed while also being incredibly grateful at the same time, FYI. Which I am. But I’m also very used to having my own space around the house during the day, and having people with me every waking second is getting a bit exhausting.

I’m thinking about retreating to the basement for a day. Pretend I’m out of town. On a work trip. On vacation. But before I can do that, I need to clean the basement so… in the meantime, I’ll be here in my sweatpants and face mask, making the most of this strange, strange time…

1.pampas bluetooth headphones | 2. neon sweatshirt | 3. naturopathic remedy oils | 4.  shearling slippers | 5. tie dye sweatpants | 6. tata harper face mask | 7. water bottle | 8. houseplant leaf puzzle

I’ve purchased every one of these pieces except the slippers which are currently sitting in the shopping cart while I decide if they’re worth the splurge (after all, the weather is finally getting warmer…). My first ‘essential’ purchase were the headphones which have been game changers for me in tuning out my husband’s work calls or simply escaping reality for a bit. Everything else on the list is all about comfort and health (mental health included!). Everything from naturopathic remedies for my asthma and allergies, to puzzles to pass the time has been helping to add a little healing to the lengthy days at home.

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