My love for Swedish Kilims has strong ever since I first discovered this genre on One King’s Lane while browsing for yellow rugs. (The Swedes dig their yellow tones, especially in this mid-century style apparently!) Since then, I’ve been coveting one for myself, but I gotta tell ya – they’re not easy to come by!swedish kilim vintage lighting and chairs at howe london | via coco kelley

What I love about them is the combination of midcentury style with their own unique palette of pastels. Lots of yellows pinks, and blues dominate these rugs, but there are plenty of other colors too. There is a folk art-meets-geometric sensibility to them that’s so easy to mix into many styles (just like Moroccan or some Turkish rugs). So why don’t we see more of them?

Well, it turns out that these rugs – woven by artisans who sign them (you can see the signature on the lower left in the one above!), are considered as artful as they are functional. Making them quite pricey to the average buyer.  So why bother sharing them? Because beyond being inspired by them, you just never know when you’ll find a diamond in the rough during your next trip to the vintage mall. I’m also secretly hoping that some of the product designers out there might take a hint!

If you’re interested in browsing, I’ve discovered a few great sources for these beautiful vintage pieces:style-source-vintage-swedish-kilim-coco-kelley

1. Nazmiyal Collection | 2. Berg Gallery | 3. One Kings Lane | 4. The Modern Find | 5. House of Seance | 6. Danelaw Vintage | 7. Howe London

Each of these shops carries the real deal: vintage pieces from the mid-century that are each unique and stunning. You really have to look up close at the weaving in these to appreciate the skill and beauty that goes into them!

The rugs at the Nazmiyal Collection are definitely some of the best – and priciest. House of Seance is probably my second favorite source (PS, if you don’t have them favorited on Etsy, you should. The rugs on there are all insanely good!)the charm of mid-century modern swedish kilim rugspeach walls and a vintage swedish kilim rug in blue

But what if we can’t afford the real deal? Not to worry – there are other sources creating modern versions of this kilim style. And even some vintage rugs that aren’t Scandinavian still carry some of the trademarks of this rug as well. So keep your eyes open for treasures! And check out these similar pieces:

1 blue triangle kilim | 2. neutral kilim rug | 3. gray triangle kilim | 4. mustard and blue kilim | 5. blue geometric kilim| 6. neutral square kilim

What do you think? Should I hop on designing a line of Swedish Kilims for today’s interiors?? I’m quite tempted (and inspired!) to do it!

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