The change in seasons from summer to fall always puts me in a nostalgic mood for some reason. Maybe it’s that light – that late summer evening light that comes in and warms everything in just the right way. Or the need for all things comfort-inducing as a right of passage into the season. All I know is this shift never fails to make me want to fill my home with things that feel old and familiar…

september moodboard | coco kelley

I’ve never been a fan of truly modern decor – it always felt too new and cold to me. That said, it’s only recently that I’ve really embraced my love for ‘granny chic’ (or whatever you want to call it). I’ve even begun to covet a place in my home to upholster my headboard to match the wallpaper, and other classic design moves. Perhaps it’s because – at the very least – this style has personality as opposed to so much of the ‘design’ we see invading our social feeds.

layered textiles in a vintage classic bedroom | via coco kelley

Textile layering has me the most fascinated – those who are good at it in the design world have captured my admiration like no others. (In fact, I’m working on a post about this as we speak.) 

classic floors and architecture with sage green trim and mid-century furnishings | via coco kelley

Classic architecture is high on my list of what makes a space appeal to me. And while our old home leaves much to be desired in the way this charm, I relish my coved ceilings and original mouldings as much as possible. There may not be herringbone floors, but as I begin to make more long-term decisions in each room, I’m trying to find more classic or worn antique pieces to fill in those gaps for me in other ways.

new traditional style in a guest room home office with daybed | coco kelley

This type of space is where I’m landing these days – a mix of old and new that meets somewhere in between. So much so that you’re not quite sure if the old is new or the new is old. And that’s just where I like it to be.

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