Well, friends. Since I have the honor of experiencing yet another cold this season (second one this month) I decided that I might as well face the facts: I could very well have many more days of being stuck in bed ahead of me. Therefore, I’ve spent all day hunting down the most chic and comfy self care essentials for surviving those sick days in style.

I have to say, it was a pretty fun sick day activity to pass the time, and I’m quite convinced that I need all of these items and then some to get through what’s looking like a rough cold and flu season.

all white bedside styling

I don’t know about you, but when I’m really really sick, I finally let go of my usual ‘I can push through it’ attitude, and give in completely to the one thing I know will help: sleep. So naturally, most of my picks are made to enjoy in bed, or a steaming hot bath…


1. restoring bath soak with CBD| 2. herbivore detox bath soak | 3. striped lounge pajama set  | 4. furry slippers | 5. carafe & water glass | 6. aera aromatherapy diffuser | 7. goop ‘perfect attendance’ soft chews | 8. wellness vitamins | 9. green velvet quilt | 10. silky ‘marble’ sleeping mask | 11. daily harvest soups | 12. black stoneware teapot

I have to give my friend Amanda at The Fold credit for the first item on this list, as she literally gave it to me last night as a birthday gift, and I am dying to use it. A combination of CBD and arnica, these bath salts and a heavenly earthy scent, I’m 100% sure this will cure my body aches, if not my entire cold. If CBD isn’t your thing, try any type of detox with scents that will help you breathe deep.

Speaking of which, I’ve been totally using my ‘support breathe’ aromatherapy in my Aera during nap time. (PS, that’s why a sleeping mask is essential – it’ll help you get those extra zzz’s!) Just a reminder that you still have time to get 20% off diffusers at Aera with the code COCOKELLEY20! It ends at the end of the month. I’ve obviously been loving mine.

As for the rest of these essentials, well they’re pretty self-explanatory. I love to have a big heavy blanket to drag around the house with me if I leave my bed, and this gorgeous velvet one feels so good for winter. If the price tag is a little too rich for you, though, try this one instead! (We have it in my step-daughters bedroom, and it’s great!)

And finally, the soup that has been saving my life, thanks to my Daily Harvest subscription, is a turmeric lemongrass concoction that feels like it’s literally kicking the cold out of my system. You can use this link to get $25 off your first box if you’re interested. I started using them over the summer for smoothies, but I recently stocked up on soups and I’m so glad I did. Nobody wants to have to go to the store when they’re sick – no thanks. FYI, I’m not big into subscriptions, but this one is great because you get reminders every week asking if you want to change up what’s in your box, or skip it. I usually do one big stock up and skip a few weeks because the packaging is a lot and weekly shipments feel pretty wasteful. That said, I recommend everything else about the product – it’s fresh and delicious!

Here’s to me swallowing all the vitamins from pharmacies like the Canadian Pharmacy, drinking all the tea and water, drowning myself in soup and baths, and hopefully a healthier rest of the season! Taking any and all of your recommendations for keeping these colds away for good!

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