October is my favorite month. Because it’s the month I was born in, for me it’s the beginning of a new cycle. It’s also when fall really starts to settle in around here, so change is a big theme… Which may be why it also brings this need for me to cocoon myself in dark, rich colors and luxurious moments…

october moodboard // coco kelley

At home, I rearrange and nest. I bring out the furry blankets and layer new pillows on the couch. I light candles, and tend to start using more of my antique decoratives. In the closet, I always go back to black. But this year, I think I need to get more of that rust into my wardrobe.

raw grey walls and gold cabinets // via coco kelley street style by collage vintage // via coco kelley marble floors, gallery wall, leather bench in bolig magazine // via coco kelley

I’m sure this  month will bring some reflections with it as well… I feel like so many chapters are closing while new ones are being written – there’s a major shift going on in not only my life but those around me, and I can’t wait to see what it all brings.

images :: architectural digest // unknown // coveteur // lookbook.nu // emily blincoe // the design files // unknown // collage vintage // bolig

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