It’s crazy how quickly things go from summer to fall around here in the Pacific Northwest. But what most Seattleites won’t admit is how much we love when the rain returns to our city. In the past week or so, our typical moody gray skies have moved in, and it seems to suit my own mood as well.

october moodboard - darker days - coco kelley october moodboard dark days - coco kelley

While summer felt like a non-stop string of vacations and summer camps, my husband and I desperately trying to get projects done around the house every weekend, and a general blur of activity, October has brought with it a very welcome slow-down.

Of course, my schedule is just as packed as ever, as the blog editorial calendar fills up with holiday planning, but at least it feels like there is a bit more purpose and focus to the chaos.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the current political climate here in the states is also a part of the moodswings I’ve been having lately. Social media has been a struggle. When things get angry out there, I tend to introvert bigtime. Maybe that’s why I’ve been craving moody interiors that I can retreat to, like a cave. moody interiors - coco kelley moody wallpaper - coco kelley dark moody bar - the king brooklyn - coco kelley

On the other hand – the good news is that I’ve fully embraced fall this year – more so than ever before. And because of that I’m dedicating this entire week to some damn good moody fall inspiration. From color trends to interiors, and even a little bit of fashion, I’ve decided to throw myself into the season and share anything and everything that’s feeling good to me right now. I hope you’ll find some inspiration in it too.

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