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Do you guys ever give yourself a big summer project to tackle? Why is it that we think we’re going to have all this time in the summer suddenly to do things? Regardless, I’ve chosen mine, and it’s our basement. It actually is pretty genius when you think about it, given that it’s the coolest (temperature wise, definitely not design wise) place in the house.

And while I won’t really be able to start designing anything down there until I clear out tons of boxes and clutter, don’t you worry. I’ve already started imagining what it all could be. And that includes remodeling the tiny cellar kitchen down there into the Mediterranean inspired kitchen of my dreams! Since you all know I love a good moodboard, I thought, why not start there!? Only this time, we’re doing it a little different…

Mediterranean kitchen puglia | coco kelley

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Corian for their design materials, including quartz which is always my go-to. And while materials on their own are always inspirational (I love getting my hands on samples and playing with them!), Corian has decided to take the inspiration one step further.

They recognize that materials are not just a finishing touch to a space, but a part of a story – your story and they wanted to create a tool to inspire on a deeper level and help you play the role of storyteller. And their doing it with this Moodboard Maker that is – I will admit – very addicting to play with!

So, before this tool, I would probably have put together something like this to show you guys what I’m going for in remodeling our basement kitchen…

It’s pretty! And helpful because it can show interiors in full. But what I’ve found is that by including interiors that already exist, sometimes we lose our imagination. Whereas if the focus is on something a little more abstract, we are more free to dream up the entire space…

My Corian Design Moodboard for our Mediterranean Inspired Kitchen | coco kelley

Doesn’t this feel GOOD!? So, here’s how it works (although it’s so simple, you should probably just hop over and start playing with it!). 

corian moodboard maker | coco kelley

First, you pick a style. If you’re feeling a few of these, I suggest trying out more than one! I tested out Organic, Relaxed and Bohemian for this moodboard, and decided I liked the options in Relaxed the best.

Next, you’ll get to add your elements! You start with your Corian material selections – I chose Neutral Concrete (a solid surface) and Neve (a quartz). Then you get to add the ‘mood’ part! In each section there are images that correspond with the style you’ve chosen. There is also the ability to load your own images!

corian moodboard maker | coco kelley

Out of the images that were already there, I chose the basketweave. I actually love that this was an option because it’s a texture I definitely want to use in the space, but hadn’t even thought about it as part of the moodboard! Then I added the green glass, palm leaf, and terra cotta.

And there it is. My perfect kitchen moodboard! This was a really fun way to approach the design process, and I hope you’ll try it out! Oh! And, if you really love your moodboard when it’s done, you can print and frame it too!

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