When it comes to my actual mood at the moment, April has had me allllll over the place. I don’t need to tell you that on the surface life can look really dandy, but behind the scenes can be a whole other story.

Most of you know that we’re on our way to a kitchen remodel starting this week, a wedding next year, and a new website launching next month (surprise!)! Yes, all of these things are super fantastic. They also require a TON of time, work, headspace and money to accomplish, which means that things around here have had me feeling crazy, scattered and (to be honest) the lowest on funds I’ve been in years.

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Trust me – I know how incredibly lucky I am to have an amazing man beside me, and a kitchen – well, period. Let alone one that will be a total dream when it’s done. It’s the getting from A-to-B part that’s not always easy! But, I know that both of these big events will be amazing when it’s all said and done, so I’m doing my best to enjoy the process, and ignore the bottom lines.

modern ranch wedding with a farmhouse feel and black and white stripes | via coco kelley

Needless to say, looking at oodles of pretty pictures of the things that will eventually be has become a favorite evening activity and a nice way to chill out from the daily checklists (Cabinets, check. Appliances, check. Wedding venue? Not so much). Inspiring tabletops and perfectly finished kitchens are definitely giving me life! I’ve also been organizing the rest of the house like my life depends on it in an attempt to keep some calm in the chaos.

white room with green door and gold chair vintage casual | via coco kelley styled gallery wall and console by coco kelley leather headboard with tropical colors and pillows in the bedroom - hotel henriette | coco kelley

I’m used to juggling a lot of things on my plate, but this month has definitely got me in over my head. What tools do you use to keep organized or help save your sanity when you’ve taken on too much? any wedding planning tools out there that you current or former brides have been using? I’d love to know about them! I’ve just downloaded some meditation apps that I’m hoping will at least keep me conscious of taking breaks in my day to relax and refocus.

Who knew in January when I talked about my word for the year – invest – it would be SO literal! When life gives you lemons (or diamond rings, a new website and a kitchen remodel), well you better just be thankful, make some lemonade, and add plenty of vodka.

main images :: style me pretty // remodelista // hotel henriette

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