While it feels like I’ve been working on our living room foreeeeeever at this point, I have to say it’s also been nice to just take my time with things in the house these days. Just like everyone, I get frustrated because I just want it done (mostly so I can move on to the next fun project!), but I also know that I’m going to be so much happier with the end result by waiting for the perfect pieces to come along. Case in point: our gallery wall.

First off… I never really planned on having a gallery wall here until we got our new Samsung Frame TV last year, and now it’s pretty much a must! I love that we can swap out images on the TV because it’s the one piece I can change with my mood.

building a gallery wall around our TV and our favorite art sources | coco kelley

Right now I’m feeling SUNNY, which means this loud yellow abstract piece is gracing our TV frame. I started working on building out the rest of it, and recently acquired this beautiful textured white piece from Ashleigh Ninos, which is hard to see here, but is really lovely in person. The tiny piece on top of the white one is by Kate Roebuck and I love it SO MUCH. Especially because it came in that cook vintage frame. Her pieces have been long-time favorite of mine. I wish this one was bigger, but it also feels so special because of its scale.

And then, of course, there’s my one and only, Jennifer Ament. She’s not only an amazing artist but a very good friend of mine, and I have her pieces all over my house. In fact, I can’t wait to show you all the encaustic piece I have from her that will be going up in our dining room soon! The ‘beautiful mess’ and rock hand prints here are hers.

how to create a gallery wall around your TV and our favorite art sources - coco kelley

So, back to the gallery wall. It’s been one of the top challenges in this room so far because lately I’ve been much more on the one-huge-piece-of-statement-art side than the art gallery wall side. I’ve also been really trying to invest in original art pieces (rather than prints) for the house as we finish off each room, but that doesn’t always jive with my budget. Which means that I’ve had to do some serious hunting lately for options! (Again, this is why I love one big huge print to invest in – it’s :  much easier!) 

When your funds are limited, I think the best thing you can do to create a unique gallery wall is mix original art and prints, or find some smaller pieces from up an coming artists that are really easy to invest in. These are my favorite sources for all of these options!

our favorite art sources for original art and prints | coco kelley
  1. Minted: When starting to pull art for clients, this is one of my go-to sources because there is such a huge variety of types of art. You’ve got simple abstract work, beautiful photography, and they come in every possible size and a great variety of framing options too. This ‘Salinity Now’ photograph is one of my favorites.
  2. The Poster Club: A bit more on the modern and minimalist side, this source provides great options for those seeking something a little more neutral or simple. Not as many sizing options, but really beautiful color palettes, and there is the option for framing. The lines of this ‘Shapes No. 2’ print is proof of a more sophisticated but modern style.
  3. One Kings Lane: What I love about shopping on OKL for art is that they have a lot more classic art options! They also have a huge pricing range, and recently added more original artwork, which is fantastic. I’ve been a long-time fan of this sun print that comes framed.
  4. Serena & Lily: As opposed to some of the other sites that you really have to sift through, this source has a more limited but curated variety of original art here. While pricing can skew a little on the high end, the curation of pieces still makes this a highly recommended source for me! This stunning painting by Lesley Grainger is one of those worth saving up for!
  5. Chairish: Probably my favorite source for original art (as you’ll see in a moment!), Chairish has a variety of vintage works, up-and-coming artists, and their newly added print shop! The quality of treasures that you can find on this site is HIGH. One of my current favorite artists on there is Jason Trotter, and they just started carrying his work in print form, making it a great option for those who love his work and are also on a budget! I could write a whole other post on my favorite artists her if you guys are interested!
  6. Artfully Walls: You’ve probably seen a lot of the prints from this source on the walls of bloggers and on the pages of other sites, and there’s a reason for this! The artwork is fun and fresh! They have some of my favorite artists that I follow on instagram, and some new ones to discover like this pool print from Raphaelle Martin that feels very Hockney-esque to me.
  7. Saatchi Gallery: The best thing about this source for art is that you’re shopping from all over the world and many of the artists who are offering original pieces also offer them as prints, giving you the option for either, which I love! They also offer services to help you find just what you’re looking for, making the site a bit less overwhelming. This artists from the Netherlands is amongst my new favorite discoveries!
our living room gallery wall and favorite art sources

Clearly, I’ve done my research here, as always, which has left me with a massive variety of options for the space. And in case you’re wondering why I’m replacing the art I already have, I’ve got three reasons. 1) I want to add something with a little larger scale to balance the TV. 2) I want the wall to feel really light and fresh like the rest of the room, so I’m removing the two pieces that have black frames. 3) I want to set up a wall that feels like it will go with my favorite rotating options on the TV, which is a big thing to ask, but I’m Type A, what can I say?

Now here’s where I need your HELP! I’ve got six good options here that I’m digging. The first three are on the more simplistic side. The last three make this a much fuller gallery wall. Let em me know what your favorites are!!

laying out a gallery wall | coco kelley


laying out a gallery wall | coco kelley


laying out a gallery wall | coco kelley


laying out a gallery wall | coco kelley


laying out a gallery wall | coco kelley


laying out a gallery wall | coco kelley


I can tell you that I’m leaning towards the side of something more full, but which one!?? If I was going to go simple, I feel like #1 would be my first choice… can’t wait to hear what you all think!!

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