Whether it’s my recent travels, summer solstice, or my hunt for the perfect wedding venue (yes, we’re considering a destination wedding!) I’ve got tropical style on the brain lately. But – here’s the twist – it’s gotta be paired with a touch of modern! Making our June moodboard one with a serious vacation vibe…

the coco kelley june moodboard - fresh boho

I love the way a graphic black and white combines into bohemian layers in red and pink! And then, of course, there always has to be an unexpected element, like, oh, I don’t know. Brass portholes in a pink door? (Yes, please.) What I love about it is that it defies categorization. For some, it may feel like Mexico, others, Morocco. Or maybe just any big city with a forward thinking design aesthetic – a culmination of style. Which is, essentially, what I’m always going for.

minimal bedroom with palm leaf wallpaper | via coco kelley

Like mid-century modern meets Palm Beach meets Scandinavian? Uh huh.

cactus closeup in pink and green
green tile and modern hex door | via coco kelley

And you know, inspiration can come from anywhere. From the tiniest detail – like the colors in that cactus – to those mind blowing moments like this hexagon door that I am now completely obsessed with. My next office will have a version of this in it for sure! But what I love about all of these images is that they are giving me good energy to kick off summertime! What’s motivating you? 

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