As I’ve gotten older (and wiser?), I’ve definitely come to realize that while physical gifts are always lovely (and welcome!), the gift of experiences is something I value even more. Especially if the experience is one that I get to enjoy with family or friends! That said – handing over a gift card or certificate can feel really impersonal. So I thought I’d put a post together on how I like to gift experiences to others! By attaching it to a small physical item that you can fully wrap and include a card or certificate with, it makes opening the gift a bit more fun, and all the items are of course fun to receive too!

Here are a few of my favorite types of experiences. Obviously, you know what’s best for your loved ones! If they’re outdoorsy, maybe it’s a camping trip and you can package it with a small bit of camping gear. If they love  I love getting creative with these type of presents because the possibilities are endless!!

One of my favorite parts about gifting these items is that they’re BIG presents in small packages, which means you can surprise them in their stocking with something totally unexpected.

  1. Local Travel: Take a road trip or book a local hotel. Either way, a little motel-inspired keychain is the perfect way to get excited for your getaway!
  2. International Travel: Well, look at you big spender. A passport cover instantly says ‘I’m whisking you away’… plus it provides the perfect spot to tuck a note inside.
  3. Cooking Class: I love this as an idea that would work for you and your partner, or the whole family! A beautiful paring knife or even some classic salts work to get the point across.
  4. Wine TastingWhether it’s a class or a day out to some local wineries, this is always a fun experience to share! It also translates well to local distilleries or breweries. Bonus: you’re supporting local businesses in the process. Add a mini wine bottle and a wine opener to their taste (for me, it’s gold and rose!).
  5. Body Work: Wellness comes in many forms, and one’s I’ve been experimenting with lately are reiki and acupuncture as non-traditional ways of healing my body. A set of chakra stones compliments these concepts, and might I recommend a book for beginners too?
  6. Workout Classes: As someone who has seen a huge benefit to swapping my lazy gym routine for workout classes this year, I can say this is a gift I would love to receive! Classes and memberships don’t come cheap. Just be sure this is something the person receiving it is open to. And tie their new membership to a mini foam roller – they’re going to need it!
  7. Concert Tickets: It could be the promise of a date night to a local show, or tickets to something big! But I love the idea of hiding this gift in the tree with a musical ornament to match!
  8. Museum Pass: My parents gave us a couple’s pass to the Seattle Art Museum one year and I loved it! I wish we had used it more, actually. As someone who uses time walking through museums to decompress and get inspired, I’d even consider this a ‘wellness’ gift. Pair it with a book featuring their favorite artist and slip their gift certificate inside.
  9. Spa Day: Hello, gift that needs zero explanation and is sure to be a success. I’m quite certain every single one of us could use a spa day – or even just a little massage – to get us ready for 2020. It’s perfect for a mother/daughter or BFF date! Stuff their stocking with a face or eye mask for good measure and you’re set.
  10. Sauna, Float or Soak: Yes, you’re right – this could also definitely fall under the ‘wellness’ category, but feels a bit more like a splurge to me, so let’s just say it’s pampering, shall we? I love this gift for stressed-out co-workers, spouses, or friends! Buy one or a whole package. After reading a few far infrared sauna reviews – I’m excited to start doing more infrared saunas this winter to keep my body happy. I love the idea of wellness shots to accompany this healthy gift! Tis the season for colds and flus after all!


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