When I started this blog (almost NINE years ago), I came up with a little phrase that encompasses (the best it can in a few words) what coco+kelley is all about: Life is in the details. Style accordingly. 

What does that mean? Well, this month’s moodboard should help me do a little explaining.

february moodboard - in the details | via coco+kelley

More than ever, we see our world through the eyes of others, in snippets and moments captured by professionals and amateurs alike.  Inspiration is no longer restricted to the pages of magazines, or even blogs. The average person with a decent phone and a good eye can capture details like the ones that make up our February moodboard. And on no other platform is this so obvious as Instagram.

Barbara Palvin LOfficiel Turkey | via coco kelley

I’ll admit, I was a little late to the instagram game. It took me a while to catch on, to care, to curate, to figure out my style, my subject matter, what you wanted to actually be seeing there as a follower, and what I wanted to actually share. But over the past few years, heck, even months, I feel like I’ve found my flow, which is why I’m finally announcing a few hashtags that we will start using on our instagram community! Have you guessed what they might be yet?

the american trade hotel tile patterned outdoor floor with red accents and striped detail | via coco+kelley

With an eye for details and styling, and our motto, it became suddenly clear to me what our first official hashtags should be: #CKINTHEDETAILS and #CKSTYLEACCORDINGLY. 

ashley hicks vignette in pink and red with stripes | via coco+kelley

Whether it’s a peek of a shoulder, a combination of patterns or materials, a beautifully styled moment or something you’ve created that was inspired by us! (We’re flattered.) You can use these two hashtags to pretty much cover it all. Here’s a little more explanation…

#ckinthedetails: think small! the way two patterns collide to create something gorgeous. a combination of colors in nature. or maybe you’re calling out a detail that you think is super amazing, like the way the stripes in the image above frame this vignette. anything that’s in the details of your daily life, that catches your eye, is fair game! 

#ckstyleaccordingly: this hashtag is all about you creating or sharing a style that feels like the coco+kelley vibe. we’ll use it anytime we create a welcoming tabletop, or a styled moment in the house, and we want you to use it to show off yours!! bonus points for creativity (like, maybe it’s not something in the house at all!)

And of course, we’ll be regramming our favorites as they start to roll in!

I am SO excited to see what people start coming up with and sharing with us to spread even more inspiration! The only rule is that the image HAS to be your own.

As for our motto, while we may evolve and change and adopt new mediums to spread our love for design, some things never change. When I say ‘life is in the details‘ for me that means that my inspiration always comes from taking a closer look at the environment around me and noticing the little things. When I say, ‘style accordingly‘ I mean, take that inspiration and turn it into something for you. Style yourself, your home, your life according to your inspirations and aspirations, what you love and what moves you! Now go instagram some fabulous moments and share them with me and everyone else to show us what style and details are inspiring you today.

main images :: l’officiel // yatzer // domaine

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