Normally, my moodboard posts come at the beginning of the month, not when the month is nearly over. They are meant to set the tone for the coming weeks – the focus, the inspiration, the palette, the feel. But February being what it was, it’s fitting that this post come when the month has nearly wrapped up.

February pushed and pulled and exhausted and inspired. And what it felt like was a lot of moments of light and dark…

february moodboard // coco kelley

Winter in the Pacific Northwest has been peculiarly mild this year, and I think that’s lending to this board. I’ve been feeling the freshness of mint. Still cool like winter, but with energy. On the verge of spring.

how to get up and get dressed

And yet.

I’ve been struggling just to get out of bed in the morning. This month has had me juggling more than ever, with the addition of new clients to our growing interior design business, packing and moving into a new home, and doing some major re-organization and rethinking of coco+kelley – internally, online, and as a brand.

PB_elle_vackrarevardag_0737_2x studded-hearts-inspiration-Cailin-Russo-by-Jorden-Keith

For a long time now I feel like I’ve been looking for answers to the question of ‘what’s next’. But instead of pushing my way forward, I’ve been trying to listen more. To put things out into the universe and see what comes back. To have a little patience in seeing how life unfolds and where it leads instead of forcing it into a direction I think I want. And, slowly but surely, some clarity has evolved. And a big part of what I’ve realized is that I need to stop trying to be everything, and just be what I am in this moment now.

c8aaa095fc3f4881aa64839b607194b8 ramdane-touhami_and_victoire-de-taillac_garance-dore_13

When this blog first started, I had no idea what it would be. Then it turned into this magical vehicle, and this new thing that I was a part of, and it was fun and fabulous. And now? Well, now it’s a job. And jobs are not always fun and fabulous. They are a shit ton of hard work, especially when you’re doing it all on your own. Which is the first thing that has to change around here.

Starting when I get back from Morocco, we’ll be bringing on more contributors (I’m sure you’ve already noticed a couple!) and expanding our internship program a bit. I’m even thinking of hiring a business consultant to take a look at everything going on in our little world so that we can start thinking bigger, smarter, and with more structure. You know, like a real business.

I realize that I feel a bit like a mama who doesn’t want her baby to grow up. But this blog has been around for seven years (eight in May!) and it’s time we took things up a notch! So while we’re at it – what would you like to see more of? Less of? If coco+kelley were to start some new projects and fun things offline what would you like them to be? A book? Workshops? Product? Events coming to your city soon? The sky is the limit friends, and I’m curious to know what you think…

I’m excited to be taking a little over a week off while I head to Morocco to be re-inspired, and – let’s be honest – catch up on a little sleep. I have a feeling that when I get back it’s going to be the beginning of a whole new chapter of life, this blog, and some really fun things to come.

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