Anyone else been in the mood to plan out all your summer vacations??? ME TOO. Hence the very chic and sunny mood of our May Editor’s Picks! Because even if I can’t tropical beach it up abroad, I sure as hell will pretend I can in the comforts of my own home!bali beach house with tropical style and black and white floors



1. straw tote bag | 2. white rim acrylic tumblers | 3. patterned sofa | 4. yellow suede slides | 5. kimono with fringe | 6. paper mache wall art | 7. marble bar cart | 8. yellow channel headboard

There were so many good picks for our May Edit that I might just have to do a second one later this month! (We’ll just say I’m making up for not doing one in April, mkay?). Where do I start??

First off, the sofa: I’ve been keeping my eye on this piece at Anthropologie just waiting for a good sale to kick in. I think this is the piece I want for our basement revamp!! It’s got that vacation vibe that we’re going for down there! And it’s actually a pretty reasonable price for a sofa. Secondly… the kimono. I guess that I’m really getting a bit more adventurous if I’m ready to take on this one! I’m going to order it and let you know what I think, but I really like the neutral colors … and of course the fringe!

You may notice there’s a bit of a sculptural theme going on with that headboard (from TARGET!) and the artwork! I really love them both, but am definitely considering the art for our living room or dining room area. I enjoy adding pieces that are a bit more 3-dimensional to the mix!

Lastly – the bar cart. Just when I was saying to someone last week ‘Does anyone use bar carts anymore?’ this baby pops into my life. Here’s why I dig it: It’s perfect for a bathroom. And I’m considering putting it in ours. It is also of course, perfect as an actual bar cart because unlike most of them, it’s truly petite enough to wheel around to anywhere in the house to offer up a little cocktail moment.

And there you have it.

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