During the hottest month of the year, we seek shade. Maybe that’s why this month’s moodboard feels a little dark for a summer selection? It’s hard to believe we’ve just reached the last month of this season. I’m determined to savor it – every last flavor, speck of sunshine, and excuse to be outside…

our august moodboard musings | coco kelley

What does summer taste like to you? For me, it’s oysters. And anything grilled – I love a little charred flavor in my veggies, salmon, chicken, whatever! And, of course, rosé. I haven’t been so great about whipping up cocktails this season – perhaps that will be an August goal for me…

oysters captured by luisa brimble | via coco kelley gingham skirt street style | via coco kelley

And then there’s exploring. I swore I’d use the summer better to get out to new neighborhoods and weekend getaways around Seattle with my camera! Discovering everything from bars and restaurants, to new towns tucked away outside the city. While there has been quite a bit of ferry-hopping, there has not been nearly enough on-a-whim wanderings. Goal #2.

building facade in the LA arts district | coco kelley summer at the lake | coco kelley

And then, of course, there’s that whole relaxing bit… I have a feeling this month won’t afford me much of that. You see, we’re currently looking at quite a few new projects being added to the mix. Our office lease is up in October, so we’ve been exploring some new digs, and our interior design projects are growing weekly, which means lots of work in the best possible way!

So, August, you’re shaping up to look like one big month, and I’ll be sure to savor every second.

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