My monthly moodboards are such a process of creative therapy for me. When I first started on the April Moodboard it was much brighter, but when  it comes down to it – at the moment, I’m feeling a bit more dreamy than bold…

april moodboard via coco+kelley // dreamy geometrics and golden details

Dare I say, romantic?

There’s something about moving into a new space that helps you to reimagine life a bit. Every room in our house has potential to be whatever we want it to be. Instead of forcing all of our things to work together, we’re looking at what we have and taking only the best, most treasured pieces and building on them.

paris rooftop wedding reception // coco+kelley

Life should always be so introspective. Taking a look at all the junk, the negative forces, the emotions we’ve piled up, the people we feel obligated to spend time with and… just letting them go. Setting them free. Cleansing the soul, the brain, the heart just like we do with our space.

pale green + gold + lucite in a modern styled living room

Leaving only the inspiring, the special, the pieces that allow us to dream and build upon them.

rodarte via coco+kelley

So I suppose that’s where these images have come from. They feel like an escape from reality, but are also centered around many beautiful details that I’m quite drawn to with their colors, layers, textures, and – of course – design. They are inspiring my new adventures and new chapters in life.

dominican republic bar with natural beachy materials // via coco+kelley

And if one of those chapters were to find me sitting happily at one of those barstools, well… I certainly wouldn’t be one to complain!

images :: samm blake weddings  // belathee // vogue // coco cozy

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