Ah, the never-ending saga of going to Target for just one thing (in this case some storage baskets) and coming home with an entire cart’s worth of small home accessories. Sound familiar? I know I’m not alone in this one!

And normally I don’t make an entire post about it because – let’s be honest – this would probably be a weekly series. But, there are just so many good things there right now, it was too good not to share. So, I give you some quick home refreshes and a little about my current personal style. Are you guys sick of seeing our breakfast nook yet? I hope not, because not only is it one of my favorite spots in the house, it’s the one that’s constantly changing the most. Let’s just say I’m very thankful that we made the right side of the bench storage, because it’s a major pillow party in there.


I’ve been on the hunt for a pillow that would perfectly fill that back corner – so it had to be larger – and I wandered into Target last weekend and… tah dah! The most perfect warm caramel (verging on terra cotta) pillow was staring me in the face. Along with those two cream colored pillows that are SO GOOD everyone should buy them right now. You will never regret having a pair of cream colored, perfectly textured pillows to toss in between all your patterns.  It also comes in lumbar style. You’re welcome.natural-styling-in-the-breakfast-nook-coco-kelleyquick-tray-styling-for-a-round-dining-room-table-cassandra-lavalle-coco-kelley

I also found this beautiful earthenware tray that looks like it was handmade just for me, but absolutely wasn’t and only cost $25. And while I own a lot of trays, I did not have a circular one, which was way more ideal for the middle of this round table! It’s weird how I feel 100% comfortable putting a circular tray on a rectangular table, but cannot stand the opposite.natural-styling-with-a-clay-tray-beads-and-ceramics-cassandra-lavalle-coco-kelley.

This isn’t a major styled moment, but I did my best. I’m hunting for the perfect candle to live here, so for now we’ve got a pile’o matches in the most beautiful gold moon vessel (not Target!) and no candle to light, but whatever. It works. I’m loving how quiet this corner feels now! I’m still playing with the black pillows – not sure they’re quite right (there’s a second one in a corner you can’t see here). But I do kinda like having a bit of contrast.

Meanwhile, in the living room… vintage-cane-chair-with-rounded-edges-and-chic-boho-styling-cassandra-lavalle-coco-kelleyvintage-cane-lounge-chair-and-neutral-pillows-coco-kelley.

I put the other Target pillow in here and I love it so much with the cane in this chair!! I also got the lumbar version of this pillow (the pattern is slightly different) and I can’t believe I forgot to get a photo of it. But it’s on the other chair in our living room. All of which is being changed daily at the moment. I’m going to be selling some bigger items that just aren’t working in here anymore, so keep your eyes open for that!cane-chair-styling-in-the-living-room-coco-kelley

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shot this space, but you can see some of the changes we’ve made since then. I like using this bench by the window to hold books at the moment. It’s nice and minimal! During the holidays I put the big fig tree in the kitchen, and the rubber tree plant that was in the kitchen is now living in here now. What do you think about the swap?? Do you like the fig tree in the breakfast nook?

vintage-cane-lounge-chair-with-casual-neutral-living-room-styling-coco-kelleygracie puppy

Meanwhile, this poor little girl gives me a look that is pure side eye judgement every time I swap around furniture. She is not a fan of change, although she does seem to love the new chair we bought – which is actually now living in this corner. Ha! Things move quick around here, you gotta keep up!

What I wanted to say about this space though is that I feel like I’m closer than ever to having some major breakthroughs with my personal style. I know that probably sounds very strange coming from someone who you’d think would have that nailed down, but I think it’s been really hard for me to find myself in this house. It wasn’t mine to begin with – my husband had had it for years before I moved in – and it’s taken me since then to not only feel like it’s my own but to hone in on the style that works in here too.

I’m going to be talking a bit more about my style journey in another post soon, so I won’t get into it too much here, but I think you can see how there’s some more consistency coming from these images, yes? I really hope so! Now here’s how to grab all these gorgeous pieces for your own home:


1. brass star pendant | 2. gold moon vessel | 3. camel throw pillow | 4. cream throw pillow | 5. stripe throw | 6. diamond area rug | 7. cane dining chair | 8. earthenware tray | 9. leather bin | 10. white vase

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