Whether you love it or hate it, it’s official: checkerboard is back. For many of you, I’m sure this trend is hardly groundbreaking news, and you’d be correct. Back in 2019, in fact, I wrote a whole post about how I had a sudden affection for checkerboard floors and was exploring the option of painting my very dated basement tile into black and white squares. To be honest… I sort of thought the look would die. I, for one, am very glad that it hasn’t.

But what makes this trend so unique is that unlike many others, its application is happening in more permanent places – especially tile.

sarah sherman samuel bath checkerboard tile

While the classic checkerboard floor seems safe enough for some, going full checkerboard in your bath or kitchen is a pretty bold move. And while I personally love it, I’m not sure I could live with it? So I’ve rounded up several alternatives to injecting this trend into your home… checkerboard trend in the home coco kelley

1. red checkered pillow | 2. checkered turkish towel | 3. yellow mosaic tile | 4. classic checkered vans | 5. yellow checkered lampshade | 6. mellow checkered pottery | 7. mister michelle painting | 8. blue checkered rug | 9. creamy checkered pillow

You know I couldn’t put this list together without including the OG checkerboard from my childhood – Vans! I remember when all the skater boys in LA wore these. I was into it. Maybe that’s why this pattern holds such a nostalgia for me. As for household goods, I think my favorite options on here are the tonal cream pillow (no surprise), the vase from Mellow (they also make tons of other ceramic goods with this pattern, so check them out!), and the Turkish towel which feels so fresh! (Side note, I’m also really digging these towels, and trying to justify the cost of adding them to our new bathroom remodel.) I also love the idea of bringing the checkerboard look into your home via art! I’ve seen it done beautifully by a few artists that I follow, but this piece by Mister Michelle is just too good, and I love the way she’s layered an organic shape over it for balance.

Which would you pick? Are you into this look, or running the other way??

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