While we may not be able to fly off to the Alps this winter, one can certainly dream! And this house is catapulting me into the coziest winter vibes with floor to ceiling wood panels, and folk art charm.

While some homes displaying this much wood feel suffocating, this home feels like it hits the tipping point of cabin style without going overboard. I attribute that to the rooms being strung together by a common theme, rather than all over the place.

alpine lodge house tour alpine lodge house tour alpine lodge house tour

The cohesiveness starts with moments like this – the rusted copper door matching the green ceramic of the chest in the entryway. I believe this may be one of many traditional furnaces and fireplaces that keep the cabin warm, while heated floors offer more modern heating as well. The tiled stoves are known as kachelöfen, and they act as art pieces in their own right!

alpine lodge house tour alpine lodge house tour alpine lodge house tour

One of the cozy themes you’ll find throughout the home are the kilim rugs everywhere. Even the colors within the rugs are consistent, dictating a palette of deep reds, greens and blues. This room might be my favorite for it’s fun mix of patterns. I love the surprisingly formal detail of the fringe chair with casual cabin elements like the striped cloth over the coffee table, and plenty of antlers adorning the walls.

alpine lodge house tour alpine lodge house tour

The kitchen layout and details are so unique – from the wood powered stove and range, to the detail of the bar running around the perimeter that’s perfect for holding pot holders, towels and tools.

But the most charming room in the house definitely goes to the dining nook…

alpine house tour classic austrian chairs and checkered tablecloth alpine house tour classic austrian chairs and checkered tablecloth

From the traditional ‘bauernstuhl’ chairs to the perfect mix of pillows and that checkered tablecloth, I can’t picture a more quintessential moment! Tucked in between a view of the outdoors and a cozy fireplace, it’s utterly ideal.

This home certainly isn’t afraid of layering up textiles and pattern, as the next few rooms continue to prove… and the use of antlers is… well, it’s a lot. But I have to say that the use of this natural material to adorn the walls, rather than tons of colorful art, is probably a wise choice, visually. The art that does appear is a consistent mix of muted landscapes.

austrian alpine lodge house tour austrian alpine lodge house tour

I like the move away from deep reds to a more calming blue in the main bedroom. You may have noticed, but much of the wood in this home is the same tone – another way to keep these spaces feeling more calm and cohesive. I especially adore the lines of this bed frame with its cute turned knob feet and traditional headboard.

austrian alpine lodge house tour

And last, but certainly not least (in fact I would say it’s the most!?) this sweet bedroom featuring a pair of twin beds painted in local Bauernmalerei folk art. The use of the pink pillowcases really just seals the deal for me here!

I could definitely see myself making my escape here, and cozying in for the winter. Could you?

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