You may remember that in our last house tour I was trying to explain how my love for California design crosses over with Pacific Northwest sensibilities. Which is very hard to explain when I feel like I’ve barely touched on what Pacific Northwest style isPart of the challenge is that, here in Seattle at least, our style is still really evolving. I’m not sure Seattle even had much style until a few years ago. Now, emerging designers are really setting the tone for what that looks like.

One perfect example is a fan favorite that we posted last year by my friend Brian Paquette. The other is the one I’m bringing you today from a new-to-me local designer, Kylee Shintaffer.

This home is located on San Juan Island – the island we got married on. The softer tones and textures exude an organic styles that’s very true to the PNW, but with a refinement that feels much more east coast (which I love). So, I hope this home gives you an idea of the other side of a style that I’m truly drawn to… because it feels like home.

a traditional pacific northwest home in the san juan islands | house tour on coco kelley

I think it would be safe to say that Seattleites are drawn to very natural tones in the home. Bright white doesn’t always work too well because it can feel cold in the winter, so cream tones – like the ones used throughout this home – are my favorite.

We also love to layer organic textures, and draw from nature – whether that’s the forest or the sea. See if you can spot touches of that influence throughout these rooms!

traditional pacific northwest style in a cozy neutral living room | coco kelley game table corner nook in this pacific northwest living room | house tour on coco kelley

Don’t you just loved a good exposed beam? While I’m pretty sure this house is a new build, the details – like shiplap style walls – make it feel old, and I love that.

The corner of this living room is very northwest with Pendleton blankets and chunky wood. It’s veering into what I would call ‘old’ Seattle style, but in this context it’s clean enough that it still works for me. In fact, there are a few places in the house that feel like this, but are done in such a lovely way,  that I don’t mind it one bit. Another example is the backsplash in the kitchen…

a warm oak and stone kitchen | traditional pacific northwest house tour on coco kelley

What do you think of the stone here? When we moved to Seattle in the 90’s I remember that slate was EVERYWHERE. Even in our own house. This treatment reminds me of that, but combined with all the oak, and done in this soft monochromatic way, I kind of dig it. For me there’s a nostalgia to it, but I could see how some people would hate it! So I’m curious what your reaction is.

blues and neutrals in a family room | traditional pacific northwest house tour on coco kelley

I wish there were more images of the family room because I’m pretty sure I would love it.

country island house mudroom | house tour on coco kelley new pacific northwest style in this sitting room | house tour on coco kelley

This little landing area before you get to the fun bunk room might be one of my favorite spots in the house because it feels especially ‘new’ Pacific Northwest to me. That use of organic textures is really evident! And while we don’t always love color, when we use it it’s usually in the blue or green family. Again, always drawing from nature! That chandelier feels especially on point to me.

On to the bedrooms!

the bunk room in a san juan island vacation home | traditional pacific northwest house tour on coco kelley

Love this simple, classic bunk space to cram the kids (or any visitors really) into. I think every good vacation home should have one!

blues and creams in this calm bedroom | refined pacific northwest style house tour on coco kelley a simple organic modern bath design | traditional pacific northwest house tour on coco kelley

I’m quite obsessed with this bath area, and especially the floor. I love simplicity in a space like this that should feel this zen. The master bedroom also follows this lead with a flood of creamy white…

calm cream tones in this master bedroom | traditional pacific northwest house tour on coco kelley a calm corner settee in the master bedroom | traditional northwest house tour on coco kelley

Just heavenly, isn’t it? And – my dream- a patio that looks out to the water! So, now that you’ve seen something a little more traditional pacific northwest, what do you think? Does it remind you of any other styles or regions of the world? Here’s how we’d get the look:

get the look: traditional pacific northwest island home | coco kelley


1. pottery table lamp | 2. framed abstract art | 3. vintage wood console table | 4. zak + fox pillow | 5. vintage african baskets | 6. rope chair | 7. striped flatweave rug

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