Now that the sun has arrived in Seattle, we’ve been helping more of our design clients with selections for their patios, and it’s led me to believe that we (in Pacific Northwest especially!) should most definitely be taking a cue from sunnier destinations when it comes to the outdoors! From the SoCal to Sydney, or Tulum to Tunisia, when it’s time to head to your yard for the summer, consider it your chance to get a little more bold or dramatic with your decor choices!

Based on our hours of research (and daydreaming!) we put together three patio looks inspired by our favorite vacation destinations…

SoCal Restaurant in Sydney | via coco kelley

While Sydney could be mistaken for Southern California (especially at this local restaurant, SoCal!), Aussie design is distinguished by its use of color – particularly those fun pastels! If you don’t feel like layering it on completely, go safe with black and white with a hint of powder blue (or pastel of your choice) and always a touch of sunshine yellow…

Woolwich Restaurant in Sydney | via coco kelley outdoor patio looks inspired by our favorite vacations - sydney | via coco kelley

1. wood stacking armchair 2. modern pastel lantern | 3. striped beach towel | 4. mint metal stacking chair | 5. modern cruz chair | 6. natural woven daisy rug | 7.  sol umbrella motif napkins | 8. cassis accent chair

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coqui coqui hotel exterior in tulum | via coco kelley

Influenced by the style of coqui coqui and Arca, Tulum design takes on an old world charm – think worn wood tables and chairs – with bohemian style in black and white. Woven textures are a must, along with natural materials – all in shades of neutrals, black and white.

arca in tulum | via coco kelley outdoor patio style inspired by vacation destinations | coco kelley

1. jardine ladderback outdoor chair | 2. round beach towel | 3. neutral toned hammock | 4. vintage shell mobile | 5. braided rattan chair | 6. fire pit | 7. black raffia dining chair | 8. natural raffia umbrella

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blue striped seaside umbrellas in monaco | via coco kelley

Ah, the Riviera! If you’ve noticed how smitten I am by all these stripes, it should come as no surprise that this may be my favorite selection for the the outdoors at the moment. Who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re at a fabulous french cafe by the sea whenever the walk outside? From the iconic beach umbrellas to the infamous red decor at Sénéquier in St. Tropez, this is a classic motif in its own right.

the infamous red of cafe senequier in st. tropez | via coco kelley outdoor patio looks inspired by our favorite vacations - french riviera | via coco kelley

1.  blue metal stacking chair (set of 4!) | 2. striped outdoor floor pillow | 3. black & white striped umbrella | 4. red metal bistro chairs (set of 2) | 5. retro spring chair in aqua | 6. blue & white stripe pitcher | 7. red & white stripe outdoor rug | 8. inverness chair in navy

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Which of the three is calling your name!?

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