If there is one word lacking in the description of co-working spaces these days (especially here in the states), it’s sophistication. While many of them are fun, light, bright, open, playful, and – yes – still inspiring, There aren’t quite as many that I would call chic in nature. For the (ahem) more mature member with taste. (Soho House is the only one that really comes to mind, and that’s no so much a working space as a members club.)

But recently, I’ve seen a few stunning spaces pop up across the pond, and this may be my most favorite yet. The Huckletree Public Hall in London designed by Sella. Housed in a French Renaissance inspired building, it’s got glamour and personality, but not enough to overwhelm you while you hack away at emails. I’d call it French minimalist style. And – go figure – the kitchen is my most favorite part…

That pistacho mixed with green marble for some modern monotone action, accented by a rich cobalt blue is soothing in palette, and invigorating in style. The reason this modern design works for me is because it contrasts so well with the historical details of the space. I’m not sure I’d go for this in say, a brand new loft. Or in a trendy tone like pink. But here, it feels fresh and fun.

The giant banquette with a backrest that is basically an enormous bolster pillow is so good. I love this focal point and all the curves in the space too. It’s got that great French bistro feel – elevated. And of course I can’t get over the architecture. The arches, those painted doors, the classic chandeliers, and all the molding. Gah! It’s all stunning.

I love the patio for alfresco work conversations, coffee dates, and a little change of scenery.

As you would imagine, the reception area is just as gorgeous, but in a super deep blue that feels cozy and welcoming. The marble mantel is a showstopper – it’s just too bad it’s not functional! Talk about a warm welcome. Again the mix of modern and historical with restrained decor is simply perfect.

From the hint of green paint here, I imagine that the entryway stairwell leads to the cafe area, but there are several other beautiful spaces in the building, including this main communal room…

Love the pop of pink paint around the windows! It reminds me of the architecture in our very first office, which I miss incredibly. It’s rare for those of us on the West Coast to get even a dose of this type of character in a space! I must say this is one coworking office I’d absolutely join.

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