After finally getting a real dose of sunshine these past two weekends while traveling (thank you London and Sonoma!), I’m really ready to dive into spring. And along with planning for our outdoor garden, I’ve been seriously considering upping my indoor plant game too! Rather than just heading to the local nursery though, this time I decided to do some research first.

I found six gorgeous, and fairly easy house plants and planters for spring! Now I can take these to the nursery, or get online, to hunt down these photogenic beauties for myself.

Medinilla Magnifica pink orchid | coco kelley

This was the plant that started it all – I love it. Don’t worry, I’ve included it below so you can learn all about it. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my hands on one!

our new favorite house plants and planters to try this spring! | coco kelleyOxalis Trangularis – Purple Shamrock: We love switching things up from typical green with this rich aubergine toned house plant. The delicate leaves will open and close with the sunlight, and provide a playful balance to larger leaved plants.

Begonia Maculata “Wightii”  – Polka Dot Begonia: There are many varieties of begonias, but this unusual guy is our favorite. The spotted leaves add pattern (and the back of them is a deep red!), and in the summer they pop out pretty white flowers!

Ficus Elsatica Verigata – Rubber Tree: Rubber trees are among the easiest houseplants to care for, but the variegated leaves on this particular species makes this plant a bit more interesting with a subtle pink tone to the new stems and leaves. This is one plant I already have but always get asked about. I highly recommend it!

our new favorite house plants and planters to try this spring! | coco kelley Pilea Peperomioides – Chinese Money Plant: Known as the ‘pass it on’ plant, these favorite house plants were propagated through friends instead of nurseries, making them a bit harder to find. Their light-sensitive leaves mean that you must rotate the plant every few weeks for even growth.

Medinilla Magnifica – Philippine Orchid: Belonging to the orchid family means this is going to be a finicky plant, but a little extra attention is worth this beauty! If you’re as obsessed with pink as the rest of us these days, your best luck to hunting one down might be asking your local nursery to secure one for you.

Monstera Deliciosa Variegata – Albino Monstera: We’re all familiar with the Monstera plant as it occupies many a boho home these days, but this variegated version with its white leaves is a bit more rare, and – in my opinion – even more beautiful. I hope to get my hands on one of these for our office!

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you hanging without some proper pots to put your house plants in! Here are a few of my current favorites, including links to the ones shown above.

a roundup of pots for your spring houseplants! | coco kelley

Legs: 1. stone planter & stand | 2. brass planter with stand | 3. ceramic planter & wood stand | Pink: 1. matte pink planter | 2. crackled pink planter| 3. pink bowl & saucer | Modern: 1. brass hex planter | 2. matte black planter| 3. marbleized planter | Large: 1. textured ‘zen’ planter | 2. white & terra cotta | 3. concrete fluted planter| Textured: 1. striped texture planter| 2. speckled planter| 3. scalloped edge terra cotta

A few more tips from my own experiences with plants.

First off – make a watering schedule. For the most part, I water my plants once a week on Sundays and give them a decent soak. If they don’t have drainage, then you really need to make sure to not overwater them. Always err on the side of dry soil.

If you have animals or small children, know which plants are toxic and make sure your brood isn’t at the age where they try and eat everything. Rubber plants, for example, can be poisonous.

Lastly, purchase your plants according to the type of light you have to offer in your home. Most of these do best in indirect sunlight. Oh, and always avoid moving them around too much too! They don’t like it!

What other plants have you seen that you want to add to your indoor collection? I’d love to hear!

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