know I’m not the only one indulging some extra libations these days, whether it’s a weekday cocktail, or happy hour rosé. So I’ve come to discover that the little side stool that moves around our living room (to follow me wherever my drink may go) has become not just a pretty little accent, but an indispensable essential. Naturally, I had to bring you side stool roundup so that you too can partake in this newly essential piece of furniture for your own home. (And yes, I’ll probably be adding a second one…)

large scale art and sculptural chair and table by jill egan interiors

Sidenote: If I had a bathroom large enough to accommodate a side stool, I’d certainly be putting one in there. I’m a fan of the more whimsical or sculptural ones, myself. But I also love a natural material like wood, marble or rattan. So here we go!

side stool roundup coco kelley

1. wisteria wood column stool | 2. burke decor terrazzo stool | 3. lulu & georgia cement table | 4. target wood stool | 5. urban outfitters rattan stool | 6. cb2 cement side table | 7. menu marble table | 8. vitra cork stool | 9. EQ3 terracotta stool | 10. serena & lily painted wood stool


The current front runner as an addition to our living room is the terracotta stool from EQ3. My requirements for this accent piece is that it has to be somewhat petite in scale, sit lower than a side table would, and be light enough that I can pick it up and place it anywhere around the house that I’d like. I also like that terrazzo option as I’m still into this material in small doses! And of course the rattan would be an easy sell for me.

By the way… if you enjoy our product roundups, you can more easily find them now in the Interiors menu, as I’ve added a new highlight for ‘Roundups‘! I always find they’re worth a revisit for new sources and shopping for specific items. I hope you do too!

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