After spending hours (and hours) this week curating all my favorite home items for fall (that roundup is coming soon!) one thing became very apparent. While velvet may still be reigning supreme in upholstery options, there’s a new kid in town taking a cue from fashion for fall. Yep, the shearling trend has made the leap from your favorite teddy bear coat to your favorite cozy chair. And I’m not mad about it.

alex eagle's loft with shearling sofa and chairs, vintage lighting and mod vibe | coco kelley alex eagle modern london loft with shearling chairs huge coffee table white sofa and large cactus in the living room | coco kelley

First question: is it possible to go overboard with this trend? Apparently not, since I love the way the shearling sofa and chairs look paired together in the living room of Creative Director Alex Eagle’s London loft. Although, she did feel the need to pare down a bit eventually, opting for this second option in a redecorated version of her home that featured a fuzzy pair of chair with a linen sofa. Probably a more practical choice. Which do you like more?

vintage modern shearling chair coco kelley

During my extensive shearling research (ha), I discovered the iconic Lamino Chair by Yngve Ekström, and totally fell in love with the lines. As opposed to its sometimes-cheap-looking counterpart, mongolian sheepskin, I prefer how shearling (or sherpa?) lays flat, allowing the lines of a piece to really show. It’s got a more classic but casual quality to it that I really dig.

cozy shearling chair and bookshelves | coco kelley ulla johnson store with gorgeous herringbone floors and a fuzzy shearling chair | coco kelley

Of course, it looks cutest in a tiny vintage chair like this guy. I’m seriously thinking about sourcing some fabric to upholster a funky little thrift store piece in!

the shearling trend for home | shearling desk chair and wood desk | coco kelley

And if you’re really not sure about where to put this look, but you love it as much as I do… a desk setup seems like the perfect option. A spot that won’t be overused, but sure is nice to look at. Or, at the very least, a little stool or throw?


1. gray sherpa stool | 2. kirby shearling chair | 3. lamino sheepskin chair | 4. shearling bluetooth record player | 5. sherpa throw pillow | 6. caleb shearling accent chair | 7. shearling rug | 8. white sherpa stool | 9. shearling slides | 10. shearling office chair | 11. shearling bench

Somehow this fabric just evokes playful style, but dress is up with a simple form and a little acrylic – like the bottom bench – and it can get chic fast! And of course I couldn’t not include the perfect accessory to wear around your shearling filled home – some shearling house slippers that are just darling. Adding those to my wishlist!

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