Design is such an evolution. I’m always surprised by the fact that no matter how much time passes, there always seems to be room (or need!) for new updates in our home. I’ve had plans to finish up our main bedroom for a while now, knowing that I wanted two simple updates to the space: 1) new paint and 2) new window coverings.

If you’re curious to see the evolution of this room, it all started when I finally found a layout that worked for us nearly two years ago. Since then, it’s been a rotating door of playing with lighting options, adding layers, and constantly restyling. And here’s where we’re at now!

coco kelley bedroom makeover for more serenity now

The most recent updates have made a huge difference to the room, and I’m going to start first with the new blinds!

Back in November, I ended up working with Decorview to select some beautiful, way more functional shades for us for the bedroom. I had a wonderful in-home consultation with a local designer who was incredibly helpful in narrowing down my options! I knew I wanted a natural texture, so we started with all of these…

And ended up with this one! (PS – Magnolia from the Hacienda collection was a very close second!) 

The reason I went with ‘Playa Grande’ had to do with the tone, the texture, and the way it was woven. If you look at ‘Magnolia’, you’ll see the tone is really similar, but the grid is much more obvious. The exact specification for this selection is: Hunter Douglas Provenance® Woven Wood Shades by Decorview with Tamarindo Fabric in Playa Grande.

minimal styling and a calm wall color give this bedroom makeover a zen vibe privacy blinds make all the difference in this tiny master bedroom

On top of needing to replace our current blinds from an age standpoint, another very motivating factor in upping our game here was the fact that we needed more privacy in this space! Having the option for top-down / bottom-up functionality was hugeI can now leave these open all day (typically in this exact position!) to let all that gorgeous light in while maintaining privacy from our neighbors! It also enhances our view. Because we are actually a little higher up than the houses next to us, all I see when I look out the window now is scenery – not homes.

hunter douglas woven wood shades in Tamarindo Playa Grande corner bedroom styling with minimal wall art

I even love these shades when they’re fully closed. They have the effect of a second layer of texture behind our bed, and we added a room-darkening liner that lets in a little light, but maintains the privacy. I love the warmth they bring to the space!

I can’t recommend working with a Decorview in-home consultant enough if you’re considering new shades. It’s totally free, and with so many options to choose from you’ll get exactly what you want, with the help of someone who actually has a design eye to lend! You can schedule a consult right here.

Which leads me to the next update we made: paint color!!

statement art lends color direction for a master bedroom makeover

Truth be told, I really struggled with this one. I couldn’t land on exactly what it was that I wanted in this space. I had actually selected a few creamy-putty shades for the wall when I had a total pivot moment after asking my husband for his input – which was ‘some shade of lilac indigo grey’. At first I cringed. And then I found this inspiration, and thought… maybe it’s possible?

Our latest piece of artwork also helped in the inspiration department. I purchased this piece by Paul Edmondson from my friend Sarah Hurt at Seattle Art Source. She was fantastic to work with – helped me select the frame and everything! I decided that a shade of grey that didn’t go too mauve but didn’t skew to purple would not only work with the art, but actually enhance it. And after several swatches on our walls, I landed on Benjamin Moore ‘Lilac Hush’.

dresser styling tip use a floating shelf above the dresser for more surface area lilac walls and warm wood balance eachother in this tiny master bedroom makeover

With so many warm tones going on in the bedroom, the lilac undertone is the perfect balancer to the yellow wood. (When in doubt, consult your color wheel: yellow-orange and blue-violet are complimentary colors!). To be honest, it’s so incredibly subtle that most people will see our walls as grey, but for me they are the perfect dose of ‘color’ in a small space.

tiny master bedroom with calm vibes coco kelley

Most importantly, I love how incredibly calm the space feels now! It’s truly a little retreat for us.

Along with the paint and window treatment updates came a slew of new little styling moments as well. We hung a long floating shelf (from Ikea!) above the dresser that I’m so happy with. We used to have one tiny one, but this size is much more useful! Now I can arrange art between my fragrances and crystals. Yay! Art in general was a big part of this update and I love every piece in here so much.

dresser styling floating shelf for art and beauty products updated paint color and window treatments totally changed this tiny master bedroom

I also love the new runner I purchased from my friend Hayley at Neon DovesIt’s hard to tell from this angle, but it picks up all those yummy rust tones in the art print above.

I also finally splurged on some new bedding over the holidays, including a new duvet cover from Cuyana, and shams from Serena & Lily.

lilac gray walls and warm masculine accents bedroom styling coco kelley

While the color scheme is a bit of a departure from the rest of the house, it still really works for me. It’s a nice balance of masculine and feminine energy, and – what a bonus – I recently discovered that according to the Feng Shui Bagua map, the corresponding color for this corner of our home is… purple. Hoping this barely-there shade is close enough to enhance those ‘wealth and prosperity’ vibes!

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