The kitchen I grew up in was solid blonde wood – and I hated it. If you told me that 20 years later I’d be loving the same things I swore I’d never have in my own house (sage green walls, shaker style furniture), I wouldn’t have believed you. But the return of warm wood accents and accessories to home decor is undeniable. And, I have to say, I’ve fully embraced it.

warm wood accents in the living room - design by emily henderson | coco kelley

Having just ordered another piece of oak furniture (this bookcase) for my living room, I think there’s simply something to be said for how this organic material instantly warms up a room, layers up so well, and doesn’t feel as heavy as its other dark counterparts. Of course, with both California and Scandinavian style trending, it seems pretty obvious that this lighter blonde wood tone would be the current wood de jour.

styled shelves with warm wood accessories - design by emily henderson | coco kelley

It’s crazy that wood candlesticks, pedestals and bowls still feel right at home on a wood shelf. Of course, the items need to be broken up with other materials (books, pattery, baskets, etc) but still. It’s not often you can do that and get away with it. I don’t particularly love glass on glass or marble on marble. But wood on wood? Heck ya.

warm wood home accessories roundup | coco kelley

Case in point – these timeworn pieces all look lovely together on a wood coffee table, don’t you think? I loved aged wood the best.

Remember how I mentioned above that I hated blonde wood growing up? Well, that’s true, but there was one piece of furniture that I absolutely loved and still do. An old oak chest that I called dibs on long ago. It’s water stained, a totally useless size, and just gorgeous.

If you’re thinking of adding some oak or other light wood to your home, I’d start with vintage whenever possible! Even if it’s little bowls and trinkets like the above, which you could easily find at thrift and vintage stores.

wood kitchen styling whitney morris tiny canal cottage | 15 ways to style wood accessories

And maybe my favorite place that I’m seeing more and more blonde wood pop up right now is the kitchen. Yeah, you heard me. Of course, this is not the kitchen of my childhood (which I still think needs to be painted) but a style that’s much more modern. It lends itself well to adding organic materials and more worn woods to juxtapose the new.

Have I convinced you to go blonde? Or maybe you’ve already started (like me!) to totally incorporate this style. Either way, here are fifteen of our favorite warm wood accents for the home…

a roundup of our favorite warm wood home accessories | coco kelley

1. wood candlesticks | 2. natural wood farmhouse bowls | 3. oak & ash wood stool | 4. oak cutting board | 5. wood dough bowl| 6. wooden hand sculpture | 7. white oak wall sconce | 8. carved wood console | 9. magnolia home ‘vermont’ chair | 10. wood desk clock | 11. wood bead garland | 12. faceted wood mirror | 13. wood pedestal set | 14. deco wood tray | 15. oak wood bench

Ok, now I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I learned while hunting down some items for this roundup. All this time we’ve been freaking out over the Magnolia Home collection for Target? We should have been drooling over the Magnolia Home collection for Pier1! Not every piece is fantastic, of course, but the shaker-style furnishings are REAL good. If you’re into this style, definitely check it out! I’ve found a few pieces that I may be adding to my own home.

As for the above, I’m pretty enamoured with every piece we’ve listed here, but especially the wood sconces that I’m considering for our bedroom makeover. I also love the lines of that cutting board! So perfect for charcuterie, of course, but even just as a surface for styling in the living room or leaned up on your kitchen counters.

Here’s a pro-tip on the wood beads: Hop over to this wood bead garland DIY that we did a few years back to make your own (and better!) garland. I love the way they look laying around the living room!


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