I’m one of those people who loves cleaning, and I know I’m not alone. But whether your the type to be super motivated to scrub your house on the weekend or not, our roundup of beautiful house tools will get you seriously motivated for spring cleaning!

I love opening up my closet to a perfect row of products that are as functional as they are pretty. But not all of us even have a utility closet in the house! These are the type of tools you won’t mind hanging out in plain sight. Simply pop up a row of pretty pegs, do a little organizing, and voila. Cleaning motivation.

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roundup of beautiful home tools for spring cleaning | coco kelley

Last month, I curated this collection of chic utility items for a shoot with Amazon Home, and so many of you asked about the products I selected. Well the full guide is here! And I’ve got my favorites right here: spring-cleaning-roundup-on-coco-kelley

1. wood handled broom | 2. utility caddy | 3. dish rags | 4. lambswool duster | 5. horsehair brush | 6. black dustpan| 7. market basket | 8. metallic sponges | 9. mesh grocery bag | 10. white pegs | 11. feather duster | 12. tiny dustpan | 13. black and white checkered towels | 14. metal folding step stool | 15. wood step stool

I can attest to every single one of these products being pretty fantastic because I now have them all – ha! Those mesh market bags are one of my favorite things, and they come in a set of 4!! Also, never knew I needed a duster until I added that mini one to my stash – it’s perfect for snagging little corner cobwebs and dusting off my picture rails!

My week is going to be full of cleaning and purging as we get ready to refresh our guest room (I see painting in my future), and open the windows to welcome in spring!

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