My most recent hours-of-hunting for the house was in search of the perfect plug-in sconce for our bedroom makeover. I really didn’t want to have to pay an electrician to come and install something, so I was determined to find a plug-in sconce option that I loved!

It couldn’t be too big (our ceilings are low, our bedroom small), I wanted it to have a shade (I hate exposed bulbs, but especially in the bedroom!), and ideally it would have a nicely placed switch so that I wouldn’t have to rummage around behind my nightstand to turn the light off and on. Oh, and it needed to be pretty. Duh.

During my hunt I found so many good options, it seemed a shame not to round them all up for you! But first – I’ll give you the finalists for our own sconce hunt:

the plug-in sconces we love for our bedroom makeover | coco kelley

1. michele varian wood & brass sconce | 2. minimal wood & brass sconce | 3. wicker shade sconce | 4. modern brass sconce

As you can see – the top two made the cut despite having exposed bulb situations. The last pair was my budget-friendly option coming it at only $98 a piece, and the prices quickly went up from there! Care to wager which ones we went with?? You might be surprised! (I’m still having second thoughts … I may end up ordering a different pair, you never know!) 

After doing so much hunting, I might just consider myself an authority on the plug-in sconce topic. So here are a few things to consider if you’re in the market!

sconces for a small bedroom | plug-in wall sconce roundup on coco kelley
  1. Where’s the switch? As I mentioned earlier, if rummaging around on the cord for the switch is going to drive you crazy, then make sure the switch is at a level you like for your sconce.
  2. What kind of directional lighting do you want? Is it important that you’re able to move the head of the light around so it’s not blasting you in the face? Thought so.
  3. Scale and placement: both are super important here. So many times a sconce looks great in theory, but if you’re constantly moving it in and out of the way just to get in and out of bed? Not so good.
sconces for a small bedroom | plug-in wall sconce roundup on coco kelley

And here’s a roundup of every plug-in sconce I loved or considered that suited our requirements. For those of you with smaller bedrooms, or who prefer a more petite sconce situation, these should be just your style…

small plug-in sconce roundup | coco kelley

1. white conifer short sconce | 2. brass shade pivoting sconce | 3. copper articulating sconce | 4. small white & brass ‘radiohaus’ sconce | 5. mid-century style black & brass sconce | 6. dramatic articulating sconce | 7. minimalist white sconce | 8. task sconce in black & brass | 9. leather and wood sconce| 10. black accordion sconce | 11. modern white shade sconce | 12. brass library lamp sconce

Funny enough – I didn’t really consider any sconces that had fabric shades – the ones I found seemed a bit too bulky, although the ones pictured above in Everygirl Founder Alaina Kaczmarski’s bedroom I’m fairly certain are these.

If you’re digging on any of the styles above, but the finish isn’t right, you should click through to see other options, as many of them come in a variety of metals! And one last pro tip: many of the makers on Etsy offer plug-in options to their sconces, but that doesn’t always show up in searching, so it’s best to really dig in when hunting! Stay tuned to see which sconce we end up with…!

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