Along with my infatuation with what I call the English Cottage trend has come an obsession for pleated lampshades. And let me tell you friends – the statement shade is officially back. Whether it’s pleated, marbleized, or color, if you’re looking to spice up your home in small ways for fall, I highly recommend checking out your options in this arena.

I recently acquired a pair of small pleated shades for the vintage lamps in our bedroom, and I’m not stopping there! I’m hunting for the fabric for another vintage lamp I have, and want to experiment with them on a few more modern shapes too! pleated lampshade and pastel style by ben pentreath london pleated lampshade and pastel style by ben pentreath london

If you’re ready to hop on this revived trend (which is really a classic, by the way) here’s a roundup of all my favorite pleated lampshade sources at the moment. Sadly, many of them are across the pond, but I have managed to find a few on Etsy and elsewhere!roundup of pleated lampshades on coco kelley

1 Penny Morrison | 2. OKA | 3. Ballard Designs | 4. Cruel Mountain on Etsy | 5. Lamp Shadey on Etsy | 6. One Kings Lane | 7. Pale Aqua – The Enchanted Home | 8. ZZ Decor on Etsy | 9. Newport Lamp & Shade | 10. Bunny Williams Home

Of course, the best resource may be an artisan in your own community! These styles are typically not the most affordable because they require such craft and skill, but if you can find someone to make one custom, you may save a bit. Also, some of the makers on Etsy will do custom shades if you send them your fabric! Ours came from Lamp Shadey on Etsy, and were a style that they already had, but I think the next one I make will be custom!

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