Maybe you’re a natural born plant killer. Or you live in the city, but prefer the jungle? Or perhaps you just have a serious love of the outdoors.  Whatever it is that attracts us to the effect of fresh greens in our wallpaper, it seems we can all agree on one thing – we can’t get enough of it! Myself included.

So I  decided it was high time we did a major leaf print wallpaper roundup around here. From tropical favorites like banana leaves and palms, to delicate vines and lush foliage, we’ve provided you with all our favorites for your wallpapering delight.

leaf print wallpaper roundup on coco kelley - foliage prints

1. peter dunham fig leaf | 2. sandberg ‘raphael’ | 3. pierre frey ‘espalier’ | 4. cole & son ‘chiavi segrete’ | 5. cole & son ‘florencecort’ | 6. christian lacroix ‘groussay’

If I had to pick a favorite motif out of all the the leafy wallpapers here, I’d say this one is the winner. I love the lush impact these have in a room! I prefer these in smaller doses, like a powder room, guest bedroom or entryway.

leaf print wallpaper roundup on coco kelley - palm print wallpapers

1. cole & son ‘palm’ | 2. york ‘bali leaves’ | 3. osborne & little ‘tropicana’ | 4. schumacher ‘zebra palm’ | 5. graham & brown ‘honolulu’ | 6. seabrook ‘aruba’

The crowd-pleasing palm is a timeless motif, and for good reason! You can take it from British Colonial to beach style without batting an eye, making it more versatile than you think! The Cole & Son ‘Palm’ is definitely my favorite pick (it also comes in a more lush version). 

leaf print wallpaper roundup on coco kelley - fern prints

1. serena & lily ‘priano’ | 2. gp&j baker ‘ferns’ | 3. borastapeter ‘herbal’| 4. brewster ‘bladranker botanical’ | 5. wild habitat ‘herb garden’ | 6. sanderson ‘angel ferns’

With English Country style making a comeback, I think we’ll see a resurgence of these more delicate wallpapers coming up soon! While they may be on the sweet and charming side, they can easily be freshened up with some modern decor, so don’t be afraid to consider them for pretty much any room in the house!

leaf print wallpaper roundup on coco kelley - banana leaf wallpapers

1. york ‘tropics banana leaf’ | 2. milton & king ‘jungle palm’ | 3. dorothy draper ‘brazilliance’| 4. blue decor ‘tropical palm leaves’ | 5. schumacher ‘tropical isle’ | 6. martinique wallpaper

The banana leaf needs no introduction. Martinique – the most popular of them all – has been used so many times I’m almost sick of it. But it’s such a classic! Similar to the palm prints, there are a lot of banana leaf prints that look the same, but have subtle differences in coloring and details that make them unique. Which one are you partial to?

leaf print wallpaper roundup on coco kelley | jungle leaf prints

1. hygge & west ‘nana’ | 2. house of hackney ‘palmeral’| 3. wallshoppe ‘pacifico palm’ | 4. cole & son ‘royal fernery’ | 5. brewster ‘amorina green’| 6. york ‘bermuda bay’

If you’re looking for drama, you’ll find it here in the section I’m dubbing the ‘jungle’. Dark and lush, I’d love to see one of these in a master bedroom! The most subtle ‘Amorina’ might be my favorite because it truly feels like foliage at night – when you can just barely make out the shape of each leaf.

Which style is your favorite??

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