We get a lot of questions about bar stools. They really are a difficult item to source, yet they pull together a kitchen seamlessly. You definitely miss them if they aren’t perfectly positioned at a bar or counter. We’ve compiled a gigantic roundup of our most coveted bar stools of every style and price, so you don’t have to live without any longer!

french cafe woven bar stools in classic all white kitchen | via coco kelley

Rattan is certainly having a moment in design and I’m not at all sad about it. Having a background in weaving, I’m always up for a gorgeous woven piece…

bar stool roundup on coco kelley! | woven stools

WOVEN :: 1. rattan swivel bar stool | 2. st. martin bar stool| 3. white bar stool | 4. layla rattan bar stool | 5. rattan bar stool | 6. woven bar stool a modern rustic kitchen with natural elements | via coco kelley

It doesn’t get easier than backless bar stools. Whether you’re sliding them under a counter or tucking them into a bar, they’re a real space saver!

bar stool roundup on coco kelley! | backless stools

BACKLESS :: 1. hairpin bar stool | 2. lucite bar stool | 3. fargo bar stool | 4. reverb bar stool | 5. gray velvet bar stool | 6. mellow bar stool a chic modern kitchen in white with brass accents and a bold backsplash | via coco kelley

Who doesn’t love a sleek, fashionable and feminine bar stool? Sitting in one of these sipping a cocktail would pretty much be a dream come true in itself.

bar stool roundup on coco kelley! | chic glamorous stools

CHIC :: 1. milo baughman bar stool | 2. acrylic bar stool | 3. vintage 70’s bar stool| 4. black and gold bar stool | 5. gold bar stool | 6. chippendale bar stool an all white kitchen gets a hit of industrial style from these bar stools | via coco kelley

For some reason, I’ve always been attracted to masculine and industrial furniture. Just when I tell myself I shouldn’t buy anymore, I end up with another piece. I love mixing it unexpectedly throughout my house. Im not sure if it’s because it’s simplistic and minimal, but it’s the most versatile (in my opinion).

bar stool roundup on coco kelley! | industrial bar stools

INDUSTRIAL :: 1. swivel bar stool | 2. leather bar stool | 3. gold counter stool | 4. bent metal bar stool | 5. mercury row bar stool | 6. black bar stool a mid-century modern style kitchen with wood and terrazzo | via coco kelley

Mid century furniture may be trendy right now, but it’s a classic aesthetic that will remain relevant for years. Styling these stools accordingly would certainly make a hip statement that’s anything but boring.

bar stool roundup on coco kelley! | mid-century modern bar stools

MID CENTURY :: 1. bentwood leather bar stool | 2. leather and gold bar stool | 3. upholstered swivel stool | 4. twine seat bar stool | 5. tan and walnut stool | 6. mesh bar stool a classic kitchen with transitional details | via coco kelley

Last but not least, transitional options… these pieces can be mixed into multiple scenarios. The upholstered options add a bit of luxury and comfort to the bar.

bar stool roundup on coco kelley! | transitional bar stools

TRANSITIONAL :: 1. jute bar stool | 2. bistro bar stool | 3. woven bar stool | 4. upholstered bar stool with detail welt | 5. patenaude bar stool | 6. oak bar stool

The great debate will now be what bar stool to choose… there are so many fantastic options! Favorites of the bunch? I’m realllllllly attracted to #2 from the mid century roundup, #3 from the chic options, and #3 from the backless bar stools. It really makes me want to either build a bar, or find a house that already has one. xo, Sarah

images :: woven | backless | chic | industrial | mid century | transitional

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