On the heels of yesterday’s moodboard post comes a Room of the Week that speaks to the ‘old’ part of my recent fascination with ‘old is new’ interiors. There is a very classic, traditional way of decorating out there that that still lives large on the East Coast, and in the South, that we simply isn’t prevalent here in the Pacific Northwest. Finding that look in homes that I can relate to aesthetically, and applying it to my own interiors is sort of where my head is at these days. Enter, this cozy, pre-war apartment by McGrath II …

beautiful built in bookcases and a leopard print sofa in this classic apartment living room | room of the week via coco kelley a classic mix of textiles in this pre-war apartment living room | room of the week via coco kelley

Quite traditional, no? But still fresh at the same time, yes? The number one thing that makes this room work for me is simple: white paint. Most traditional interiors over do the layering – wallpaper, heavy drapes, layered rugs. Here, the furnishings sing against a simplified ‘palette’ of white and sisal.  And the only piece I could do without is that striped chair… (it’s a bit too meh for me, and crowds the space a bit for my taste). 

a classic mantel flanked with orchids | room of the week via coco kelley

Classic move: orchids on this stunning, old mantel.

lavender slipper chairs round up this feminine living room | room of the week via coco kelley

Underused color: lilac. I love the way it looks in homes but I have yet to ever incorporate it – I think I need to start!

an eclectic mix of modern art and formal furnishings in this small apartment living room | room of the week via coco kelley

Modern art in rooms like this is another key component for me. You’ve gotta shake things up!

a perfectly styled coffe table in this living room full of textures and textiles | room of the week via coco kelley

The tone-on-tone combination of the coffee table with the rug is really doing it for me too. Also, the mix of leopard print and florals (always a good idea) and the cozy library feel brought on by those stunning built-in bookshelves! Texture and textiles for the win in this apartment!

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