I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a major inspiration funk lately. This usually happens to me right after traveling. When your eyes are constantly taking in new things and you get back home to the all-too familiar it’s like design depression settles in.  But even before that, I’ve really felt like everything I’m seeing is the same old recycled content. So I’ve spent the last two days doing some major digging online for something fresh, and I finally found it in this Milan apartment

green cane screen creates a hallway with lush leaf wallpaper | room of the week on coco kelley

With a fresh take on one of my most favorite wallpapers, and a mix of old and new in the way that only Europeans can offer, this dining room has me feeling inspired! Especially because I’ve been on the hunt for some new ways to bring green into our studio design and that custom cane partition is giving me alllllll sorts of ideas.

modern milan dining room with lush green wallpaper | room of the week coco kelley

I’ve also been thinking about doing some updates to my own dining room, and I love this funky mix. Some of you may be as horrified as I am to even think about painting floors as beautiful as these, but I will admit that it’s a unique way to trim the room! It creates a ‘rug’ type of effect under the table, and offers up an addition of a secondary green to the space that’s pretty pleasing to the eye.

painted mint herringbone floors | coco kelley custom cane storage and room divider in lush green - milan apartment | coco kelley

As far as I’m concerned, though, this green furniture piece is the most genius piece in the space. I’m guessing it’s custom because I’ve never seen anything like it, but I don’t think the screens would be particularly hard to replicate. It’s a unique way of dividing up a room that allows for some air flow and transparency while adding perfect visual texture. I’m such a sucker for caning and I love how it’s used here.

get the look of this lush modern milan dining room | coco kelley1. rattan dining chair | 2. formakami pendant light | 3. marble dining table | 4.  fornasetti wallpaper | 5. green planters | 6. vintage rattan folding screen | 7. ‘hold my hand’ art print

I think one of the keys to this look is bringing the green from the wallpaper into the room. Rather than painting your wood floors or going custom on a piece of furniture, however, try doing it with simple accessories like these perfectly toned planters. I love the juxtaposition of the artwork they chose for the original room. Using a more striking, simple and modern photo is perfect against that organic leafy wallpaper.

I think I may be referencing this combination of styles again once I get going on my studio redesign this fall! What do you think of it?

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