With so much renovation, moving and redecorating in my life at the moment, I think it’s high time for a dose of classic, easy glamour and simplicity, don’t you? This casual chic living room ought to do the trick…

a simple chic living room with a modern mix | room of the week via coco kelley a living room vignette with quirky art and vintage chrome coffee table | room of the week via coco kelley

This apartment, belonging to Peter Som has so many beautiful, fun details, it’s hard to know where to start. The art – for one – definitely caught my eye. It’s quirky, fresh, and unexpected in the way it’s so casually hung. The larger piece across from this cluster also brings great color into the very neutral room.

casual glam coffee table styling | via coco kelley

A hit of vintage glamour in the coffee table also inserts some personality, but what I love is how casually everything is styled. Easy piles of books and uneven curtains make this feel like you’ve just walked into the house on any given day. Of course, us stylists know better than that. The perfectly bunched tulips, draped throws, and placed (though not overly fluffed) pillows give balance out the casualness with a refinement worthy of the room.

a simple chic living room with a modern mix | room of the week via coco kelley a mantel marries the dining room to living room | room of the week via coco kelley

Out of all the elements in this living space, however, the mantel might be my favorite. (Ok, the art is definitely the best part of it, but the mantel is only helping here!) I love the way that a) it marries the two spaces and b) the mantel extends asymmetrically across the space to allow for some extra shelving on the left side for display.

Its tempting when you have a fireplace to want to center the room right in front of it, and this is a perfect example of how not to do that, but still make it a focal point. LOVE.

easy glamour in a chic apartment dining room | room of the week on coco kelley

And then there’s the dining area. Perfectly classic in every way. A tulip table is the ideal modern counterpart to those antique caned chairs (side note – I love that they are upholstered in leather). And that chic chic chic two-tone chest and cabinet is a marriage of glamour and antique that is the definition of this space. Can’t do a big chandelier? A corner floor lamp for a little mood lighting will do.

extended mantel and art with mirror | room of the week via coco kelley

PS – non-functional fireplace woes totally solved by that huge, gorgeous stone bowl that just happens to match the tones of the pillow? Genius. You can see the full house tour here.

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