I’ve definitely been into the ‘less is more’ attitude when it comes to decorating lately – and our Room of the Week is proof of how well this can work when being selective about a space. I love the thoughtful simplicity behind the artwork and accessories in this living room in particular…

neutral living room with fiddle fig pillows and large art | design files via coco kelley

You gotta love those classic fiddle fig leaf pillows (particularly handy if you’re good at killing your real fiddle fig trees) paired with a simple linen sofa – just the kind I’ve been looking for. A sculptural coffee table and lamp add interest while not detracting from that fantastic oversized artwork.

neutral living room with playful art and zebra head | design files via coco kelley

You know I love me a little whimsy in a room, so the zebra head over the fireplace is pretty cool (although it looks like it’s probably real and that freaks me out a bit). There’s really a big mix of modern and classic going on here with the sofa and chair both feeling like they could work in any type of room, while the storage (not built in, but somehow fitting perfectly into those spots!), artwork, and other accents are combining to make the space feel fresh. Do you dig it?

One other thing this house has going on that I love? Some subtle green accents. Like here:

vintage lighting fixture with green cord | design files via coco kelley

And here:

small art wall with green accents | design files via coco kelley

The whole space has a really laid back vibe that I love – you can see the full house tour here.

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