Earlier this year, when we were in Marrakech, we were lucky to get a tour of the Popham Design studio and factory – it was a really fun behind the scenes, but it took EVERY ounce of self-control I had not to post any photos from their offices, as they informed us they had just been shot for Elle Decor UK.

Well… this morning I discovered that the feature went up in the May issue, so naturally, I had to show it off for our Room of the Week!

popham design studio4

popham design studio in marrakech

The studio is really set up to look more like living quarters. Yes, there are desks, but there is also this lovely lounge area with a bold mix of patterns, all in a similar palette which pulls it together nicely. I’m dying over the brass cross lighting installation. Amongst everything else, of course.

popham design studio3

The built-ins are perfect for the small space, offering up plenty of seating to spread out or squish into for meetings. Opposite that sits the coolest bar that I wish they had a bigger photo of (and now I wish I had snuck a photo of). The combination of patterns all in that same beautiful jade green makes the compact space work cohesively.

popham design studio5

popham deisgn studio marrakech

And I love all the leather!!

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