Recently, I’ve been reassessing the tile choice in my kitchen. While I love the pop of pattern, I’ve been drawn to more subtle styles and the idea of a warmer tile option lately. Which leads me to this warm wood kitchen where every choice is right up my natural tone alley.

It should come as no surprise that this kitchen belongs to Georgia Ezra – founder of Studio Ezra and Tiles of Ezra. The combination of glossy zellige in the backsplash, and matte saltillo on the floor, is so lovely. But what really stands out for me in this kitchen is the mix of so many beautiful, natural textures! Even the walls have a plaster quality to them. The juxtaposition of old-world and new is really one of my favorites.

And did you notice that wild garden growing outside the kitchen window – orange trees and all!

Across from the kitchen is another lovely setup that I’m gaining major inspiration from: the dining room.

The mix of woods and the plaster chandelier is exactly the direction I’ve been headed with our own dining room, so when I saw this I was elated! It’s a lovely neutral mix full of textures – just what I love. The creamy walls give off that warm glow throughout the living, dining and kitchen spaces, which feels so good to me as we’re craving sunshine and warmth right now, waiting for spring to officially arrive!

What are you favorite details in this space? The more I look at the kitchen the more I notice all the little things that keep this space feeling minimal and modern in some respects (the cabinetry, the lack of hardware on the uppers, the simple styling), along with all the little areas for display and storage that bring life to the room.

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