Last month, I mentioned our basement remodel in this kitchen trend post, but along with designing the kitchen, we’re also tackling the bathroom. So – as you might imagine – I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration that room as well. Which is how I stumbled on this gorgeous space by Kaemingk Design! A beautiful, earthy bathroom full of creamy tones and elevated finishes.

brass cream and wood tones in a small earthy bathroom remodel

But the best part about this space (for me) is that it’s incredibly similar to the layout we have in our own bathroom. Bonus! When you find inspiration, sometimes you really have to wonder how it’s going to translate to reality when the scale, architecture or natural light is totally different. In this case, it’s all quite the same and that makes picturing it (and pitching it to my husband) way easier. But let’s dive into these details shall we?

brass cream and wood tones in a small earthy bathroom remodel

First off, I love how warm this room is. As much as I love a fresh white bathroom, I think all of us are drawn to more creamy tones these days, and the walls of zellige tile really embrace that. The aged brass hardware and wood vanity just continue this warm theme. There’s so much of that old world charm that I’m looking for for our own space!

cream zellige tiles and brass hardware in the shower

love the use of the linen curtain to soften the space and provide a visual break between all that tile! There are a lot of little decisions here that I’m taking note of, like a tiled ceiling in the shower, the positioning of the hardware in the middle of the space, extra lighting in the shower itself, and the way the curtain is tucked into the ceiling.

I’m also quite certain we’ll be adding a little nook like this one (but larger!) to our design.

cream zellige tiles shower cream zellige tiles shower

Please note the bathroom mirror – it’s tucked into the wall making it beautifully minimalist in nature. It’s almost enough to make me consider not having a cabinet for storage above the sink. Almost. I’m gonna have to think on that one. But in this case, having a large mirrored element is definitely helping in opening up the room a bit, and I appreciate that.

brass cream and wood tones in a small earthy bathroom remodel

Are there any other elements in here catching your eye?

If you’ve remodeled your own bath recently, I’d love to know what features you’re loving or maybe which ones you wish you had implemented! This space has to be super functional being so small, so I’m trying to think it through as much as possible!

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