When something is inspiring me in the moment, there’s usually good reason. Case in point – this bathroom.

a hacienda style home boasts this beautiful poured concrete sink with a modern pendant | via coco+kelley

I’ve been trying to gain some design direction for our downstairs bath, and this gorgeous scenario has me swooning. A concrete poured sink, clean lines, natural textures and elements, and that gorgeous gorgeous lighting. I love the addition of that unique wood shelf as it warms things up a bit. The little touches of green are a must. Bathrooms are my favorite places for plants!

a poured concrete shower with natural elements and skylight | via coco+kelley

In the shower, similar tiles and more poured concrete are stunning under that natural skylight (if only!). The couple also incorporated a large rock found in big sur to use as their soap dish, which I love. It’s those little elements that make such a huge difference!

Every inch of this home is just as beautiful too – see the whole tour here.

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