This week’s room is serving as major inspiration for my own home right now…

lauren liess library room

It’s a practical, yet stylish room, and it’s (almost) exactly what I want to do to our little ‘breakfast nook’ area that is currently serving as a playroom just off the kitchen.


While the layout will have to be adjusted, the concept remains the same. A small sofa or settee. A tulip table from Ikea that the little one can do her best to damage, and an amazing little built-in nook. If I can actually pull this all off, I think I’ll be in heaven.


I see the room as the space where homework will be done, maybe some minor art projects, but also a space where I can cozy in for work instead of taking up the dining table.

Did I mention TONS of room for books? My guy and I both have entirely too many.

lauren liess loft library

Also? I’m completely obsessed with somehow getting that color in the sofa into our home somewhere. So perhaps it will be this room? And any excuse for brass sconces is good by me too…

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